Tweening everyones camera

u̶g̶h̶ ̶i̶ ̶h̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶r̶e̶m̶o̶t̶e̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶n̶t̶s̶
i changed the server script a little:

dont steal my code >:(

so thats the listening for it, then i should fire from the local script?
and now on the local script i have no idea what to do:
(literally the local script, in StarterCharacterScripts

dont steal my code >:(

Welp, I tried. I have no clue how the camera works, but I assumed that they were just part of the Workspace, so I went with how I deal with parts. Guess I messed it up haha.

This is something that’d you need to send from the server to the client and not vice versa. If you’re sending it from the client, it can easily be intercepted by exploiters and they could break your game. I can assist you with using a remote event if you want. Also camera manipulation has to be done on the client.

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ah, so local script:

dont steal my code >:(

so in the local script i play the tween? (i would have to remake it then, correct?) JUST REALIZED I FORGOT THE ACTUAL CAMERA PART

i think i did it? im getting the error ActivateCameraController did not select a module. even with my excessive use of wait() local script:

dont steal my code >:(

Try setting camera type to custom instead of scriptable (just a guess because of "ActivateCameraController did not select a module" warning in "CameraModule.lua" - #10 by StarbyDev), tell me if you still see the warning. The waits shouldn’t be necessary, also I’m not seeing where you defined your tween, unless you just removed that

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i did remove it, and the error is gone but, the camera should be scriptable or else it turns out like this:

here is the tween if it matters:

dont steal my code >:(

Trying to find a solution to this warning, the thread I posted earlier has people saying the issue has persisted for many months, seems like it still wasn’t fixed.

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Alright, so I’m not getting the warning and the only thing I did different in my script was set the subject before the camera type. Let me know if that fixes the issue for you!

tried that and this happened:

the camera doesnt follow with the part, and its the player doesnt teleport to the game (or the spawn) anymore once the game starts (that has actually been happening since post 9)
and the warning appears right after the cutscene ends, but that warning doesnt break the camera

Consider tweening the camera’s CFrame between 2 parts instead of moving the part. This is what I did:

local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
camera.CameraSubject = workspace.StartPos
camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
camera.CFrame = workspace.StartPos.CFrame
TweenService:Create(workspace.CurrentCamera,, {CFrame = workspace.EndPos.CFrame}):Play()

Of course, mine was just for testing purposes. Gave me this result:
EDIT: Realized the gif doesn’t load because it’s too big, anyways here’s a compressed one:

Doing this, the orientation of the end part is also used because of how CFrames work.

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only 2 problems, (the gif loaded before, for some reason 5 mins after you posted it turned into a file lol) the camera starts in an awkward position:

when it should start: (part to the left orientated as the camera)
local script:

dont steal my code >:(

Make sure the front face of the part is facing where you want the camera to be looking. I think roblox removed the functionality to see the face, for whatever reason, I use a plugin called Face Selector

As you can see, from the previous gif, it’s pointing in the direction of the front face. Try this to fix your camera start place issue:

	CurrentCamera.CameraSubject = BargNMartCam1
	CurrentCamera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
	CurrentCamera.CFrame = BargNMartCam1.CFrame
		CurrentCamera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Custom
		CurrentCamera.CameraSubject = Character.Humanoid

This will also fix your other warning. As for the teleporting, are you sure the function being called (also change pairs to ipairs, which is what you use for list/array iteration)?

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it was being called, before it worked perfectly, now it wont work since post 9, here is the full module:

dont steal my code >:(

Can you just try this, run it, and then show me your console?

local playerModule = {}

local roundInfo = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").RoundInfo

function playerModule.teleportPlayer(playerName, teleportLocation)
	print("Teleport player executued - Teleporting ".. playerName)
	local gamePlayer = game.Players:FindFirstChild(playerName)
	if gamePlayer then
		local character = gamePlayer.Character or gamePlayer.CharacterAdded:Wait()
		character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = teleportLocation.CFrame

function playerModule.teleportAllPlayers(teleportLocation)
	print("Teleport all players executed")
	for index, player in ipairs(roundInfo.Players:GetChildren()) do
		print("Teleport all players - Teleporting ".. player.Name)
		playerModule.teleportPlayer(player.Name, teleportLocation)

function playerModule.respawnAllPlayers()
	for index, player in ipairs(roundInfo.Players:GetChildren()) do
		local gamePlayer = game.Players:FindFirstChild(player.Name)
		if gamePlayer then

	local marker ="StringValue", roundInfo.Players)
	marker.Name = player.Name

return playerModule

Afterwards when we find the issue you can remove the prints, I just don’t know a lot about your scripts, so this is an ok way to see if everything is executing, and if it isn’t where it stops.

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Teleport all players executed prints, everything else doesnt, as its not used, i think its right here print("Teleport all players - Teleporting ".. player.Name)

I should’ve added a print in teleportAllPlayers for print(roundInfo.Players:GetChildren()) it seems like it may be empty if nothing else is printing. Are you getting any errors?

does not print, here is the main script again for reference as i will not be online for a little:

dont steal my code >:(

Alright, if there’s no errors and no table printed, it could just be empty, make sure roundInfo.Players is actually being populated with players, should be able to be something you can see in the workspace when you’re in play test mode. I actually dont see where teleportAllPlayers is even called, but you said it prints so I assume it’s just in some script I haven’t seen. So yeah that’s all I can think of anyways is Players not being filled up and something that happened between post 8 and 9 maybe had been accidentally removed.


its called right here:

dont steal my code >:(

there is nothing in the folder, maybe because they are not being teleported?