Tweening in TypeScript?

Does anyone know how to use Tween Service in TypeScript? I tried installing a package/module but it doesn’t seem to work… Can I have some insight into this?


Sorry, but what is TypeScript? Do you mean Local/ServerScript(s)?

TypeScript is a programming language

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TweenService is specific to development in Roblox, which only uses Lua.

There’s a plugin that allows you to make Roblox games in TypeScript, which OP probably uses.

Yeah I use Rojo and typescript to lua compiling

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Problem solved

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You need to actually import the service using typescript

import { TweenService } from "@rbxts/services"

If the above isn’t installed then do a

npm install --save-dev @rbxts/services

or you can do this:

const TweenService = game.GetService('TweenService')

I already solved the problem, I needed to use a different method. I already have the services and the scripts import them automatically, thank you for still considering though!