Tweens basically just not going off for other clients when tweening a player

I am currently having an issue with tweens looking different depending on the clients.
Also tried lerping and the issue remained the same

Tweens are being done on the server, if that has anything to do with the issue

Due to some other issues I have had, I am using a ball socket constraint as well as align orientation on an anchored part to achieve the player being still, The anchored part is the part that is being tweened which should make the player move along with it.
(Had to do this because of weird server side issues when they were anchored)

Looks fine from the player’s perspective:

However does not look fine from other players perspectives:


In what type of script the tween is happening, server, local or legacy

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Tweens are being done on the server, if that has anything to do with the issue

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Tweening player owned objects on the serverside will always cause choppiness or lag. I recommend using alignposition to achieve a similar affect to your tween, or tweening on the client side instead

I don’t understand why tweening/lerping is necessary though. Can’t you just use :MoveTo()

Tweening may be laggy even optimized at its best because you’re tweening a whole character instead of just something like a regular basepart.

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Tweens are made to add a level of smoothness to the game, not for practical use. Using moveto() instead of a tween may be a “solution” but it’s completely disregarding the intended features wanted.

Sometimes the intended features aren’t the way to go, :MoveTo takes line 3 lines of code maximum and it’s actually probably smoother than a tween would be at its most optimized for the character. Tweens are nice to use, I use them alot. But not on the player’s character, I think that’s not the best idea.

Moving the player character can be very crucial. Instead of tweening the character, they can use body movers, like linear velocity or vector force, or align position to mimic the tween effect. Personally, seeing a character teleport in front of another character is more comedic than realistic. Thank you for your input.

I actually think this may be just as bad as tweening if not worse, roblox physics have improved over the years but obviously we know the disadvantages of them.

Also, I don’t really see the use of this as it’d probably harder to use than tweens and it’d have more downsides than benefits.

I also don’t see the use of using the bodymovers that you listed, alignposition wouldn’t be necessary as moveto would automatically orientate the character to face the position it’s moving to. Linear velocity and vector force would also probably look less realistic and could even cause flinging due to the nature of roblox physics.

But it wouldn’t teleport, moveto actually makes the character walk. As long as it has a humanoid, I cant remember the exact syntax for it but yeah. Also countless games use moveto chase enemies. Tons of games do this, and they all look realistic. I can’t name a single one that uses tweens. Unless you can.

This is just my opinion, do whatever works for you but personally this is the way I see it. MoveTo would be the best idea in my opinion.

My apologies. I was under the impression that you were talking of Model:MoveTo() not Humanoid:MoveTo(). A simple misunderstanding caused by the Roblox syntax… But, yes. MoveTo() is a nice alternative to tweening the character.

Oh alright, so yeah I think the solution would be for @Haerix to use Humanoid:MoveTo()

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