TweenService - Help Needed

It would be much easier, if you did

local startingCFrame = testpart.CFrame
local posOpen = {CFrame = holder.CFrame}
local posClose = {CFrame =  startingCFrame}

you could also move the door around without having to change the CFrame in the script every time with this.

Are you trying to move the holder part when you want to open the door?

I’m trying to move TestPart to the Holder’s position

That explains it, change

tween1Open = TweenService:Create(workspace.Holder,tweeningInfo,posOpen) 


tween1Open = TweenService:Create(workspace.TestPart,tweeningInfo,posOpen) 

Have you tried to set the CFrame to 0,0,0? If it works that means it’s your CFrame that isn’t working.

Thanks, it’s working
Sorry if I wasn’t clear, but… I wanted the rotation of the door to change to holder’s rotation
I’ll still mark this as the solution as it worked

For the rotation problem, refer to this reply, it should work unless you changed the part’s size instead of the rotation

would I do this?

It would work if its just the CFrame, it would rotate and position it accordingly

It’s positioning the door right, however the orientation isnt right

It should work fine, my guess is that the holder is unanchored, but changing the orientation should work too

It’s not changing the orientation though…

Only reason I can think of why it isn’t working is because its resized instead of rotated

So… Any solutions? I don’t know how it’s being resized