TweenService - Help Needed

Hello, could someone please point out what’s wrong with this script?

The print statement is firing perfectly, however the Tween is not playing. I’m trying to change the orientation to this:

Did it print multiple times? Playing multiple tweens on the same object that change the very same properties weird results.

Also seeing how you did not pass extra arguments into the cframe it will be the same as vector3, meaning it wouldnt rotate.

No, it prints once.
Also, sorry, I’m new to TweenService, I was following a tutorial and decided to change it up a bit, just to play around.

Again, without passing extra arguments, it’d be the same as moving the vector3.
Therefore, you should record the expected CFrame and use that instead.

Could you please show me how? Thanks :sweat_smile:

So right now, assuming that you have the 2 parts as shown, you can just print their cframe and use them instead.
If you doesnt just create them again.

So this?

Did it work?

Don’t forget the other one as well !

I changed the CFrames:
Once again, it prints perfectly:
However the tween isn’t playing.

Add a print before wait to test if it errors without error message?

I don’t have a wait in the whole script, what do you mean?

Sorry for my stupidity lol

For the door to rotate you could try something like this

local posOpen = {CFrame = door.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(90),0) +,0,0)}
local posClose = {CFrame = door.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(0),0) +,0,0)} 

and maybe change a few things.
As for the tween problem, try checking if the parts are welded to the baseplate?

Is the issue being you tweening two different parts, to their own position …?

So what I want to do is:
Move the TestPart to the Holder’s position

Yes, the parts are welded to the baseplate

Remove the welds, that should fix it

Then instead you should tween the TestPart to the Holder’s cframe, then tween the TestPart again to its original position.
So instead of passing workspace.Holder, pass workspace.TestPart, and change the one of the cframe to workspace.Holder.CFrame

The posOpen is the Holder’s CFrame.
The posClose is the TestPart’s CFrame.
That’s exactly what I’m doing

@Tomatoe_s still not working…

But you passed Holder to tween, which is an invisible part …