TweenService moving set of parts

Is it possible to use tweenService to move a set of parts. I placed a tweenService Script in a part, with other parts welded to it. However, only the part with the script moved, leaving all the parts welded to it behind. How do I fix this

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i think you’ve tweened the position try to use the CFrame and im sure it would work

How Do I tween cframe? Is it,y,z)

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like {CFrame =,1,2)}

This tutorial might help you out

Step 1: Take all the parts (including welded ones) and make a model.
Step 2: Set the primarypart of the model to the part which is connected to all the welds.
Step 3: Get the primary part using Model.PrimaryPart and tween it.

If this doesn’t work, please send your script as this would clear up my doubts.

local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")
local engine = script.Parent

local TweenMovingInfo =
	100, --Seconds
	Enum.EasingStyle.Linear, --Easing style
	0, --Repeat
	false, --Reversed

local Target = 
		CFrame =, 3.573, 138.669);


local startTween = TweenService:Create(engine,TweenMovingInfo, Target)

this is my code, is there anything wrong? The cframe dosent work

tried this, dosent work. tho however

If you have placed the part with all the welds inside a model, make that part the PrimaryPart of the model. Then, replace local engine = script.Parent with local engine = script.Parent.Parent.PrimaryPart.