TweenService Performance Question

TweenService Question

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I am wondering, is TweenService performance heavy? If there is too many tweens at one time, would there be a lot of lag (i know that too many will do this, but whats the minimum amount that would cause noticeable lag).

If this post isn’t answered within a day I’ll have to run some tests ServerSide and Local (also im not sure if you are even supposed to use tweens on the server, lmk).

Well yea if in your server play like 100 players and this players have poor pc or any more poor device Yes it this
{How can i try Fix this? Or Optimization}
Whatch this Video =

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From my experience, Tweens have never been too much of a problem. Of course, always try to find ways to not use as many if possible, but I’d say don’t worry about it too much.
I personally use Tweens on the client as it looks nicer and it doesn’t have to depend on the server for it to look appealing (as Tweens on the server can look choppy)
Hope this helps!

Okay, I have found that using tweens is alot nicer than manually setting positions and easier than lerping. I do think that in the TweenInfo, there should be a Bool to wait for the tween to be finished as that would be easier than typing out another line.