TweenSize Issue

Hey everyone,
I recently started messing with tweens and I came across a problem with TweenSizing, I’d really appreciate if someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong:

I want to achieve a smooth animation every time the mouse enters and leaves the frame, like this:

I know the issue is dealing with the mouse coming in and out of the frame too fast, not giving the animation enough time to finish (correct me if I’m wrong). I tried creating debounces and adding waits but none of that seemed to fix it.

Here’s the local script code:

local playerGui = player:FindFirstChild("PlayerGui")
local shopTimerText = script.Parent.layout.shopResetFrame.shopResetTimer.Text
local charBox1 = script.Parent.layout.charBox1
local pos1 =,0,0.204,0)
local pos2 =,0,0.204,0)
local pos3 =,0,0.204,0)
local deb = false
local deb2 = false

function mouseEnter1()
	if deb == false then
		deb = true
		charBox1:TweenSize(charBox1.Size +,0,0.05,0), "In", "Quad", 0.25)
		deb = false

function mouseLeave1()
	if deb2 == false then
		deb2 = true
		charBox1:TweenSize(charBox1.Size -,0,0.05,0), "Out", "Quad", 0.25)
		deb2 = false


This is probably happening because you’re creating a new UDim2 to tween to based on it’s current Size while it may be tweening.

I recommend creating a size that it tweens up/down to which isn’t changed.

local up = charBox1.Size +,0,0.05,0)
local down = charBox1.Size -,0,0.05,0)

--Then when tweening
charBox1:TweenSize(up, "In", "Quad", 0.25)
charBox1:TweenSize(down, "In", "Quad", 0.25)

Also, MouseEnter/MouseLeave is unreliable therefore I recommend using this module:


you are creating the size based on size, so every manipulation with size will afect this line and the manipulation will be relative so replace


box1normalsize -,0,0.05,0)

and on top add

local box1normalsize = charBox1.Size

so the size in var will be fixed and you can freely change the real size

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