TweenStep - Make the tweens of your dreams

Quick Note: This project is still in development and i cannot promise It’s stability, expect bugs!

Hi everyone!

Today I am presenting you to TweenStep, a replacement for roblox’s TweenService that is designed to make tweens more efficient, customizable and better overall.


  • Play, Pausing and Stopping tweens with one simple line of code
  • Single time use Tween() function for ease of scripting
  • Changing tween properties while the tween is running
  • Client tweens
  • Tweening table elements, like _G for example
  • Custom easing styles
  • Easing style editor
  • TweenUpdated callback


You can either:


API documentation and examples can be seen in the github repo.

Comming soon

  • Support arguments, including but not limited to repeatCount, reverse and delay
  • Tweening models
  • Tweening models size
  • Tweening Color3Sequences and NumberSequences
  • All client tweens perfectly synched with server tweens
  • Debuging mode
  • Custom tween classes and methods

Easing editor

Editor Note: The easing editor cannot create custom easing styles for roblox’s tween service
The easing editor allows users to create easing styles for their games.