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Recently I have been trying to work towards bringing Twemoji onto Roblox in the form of an API. However, when downloading the Twemoji resource, I am unable to organize the emojis due to their naming being their UTF8-Hex codes. Iā€™d rather not rename all the files based on their REAL names manually, but even if I did do it this way I would never be able to upload all these emojis onto Roblox without violating any upload limitations.

Is there any way I can integrate twemoji onto Roblox? My general purpose for an API like this would be so that I can integrate my very own emoji panel for a resource I am currently working on. All help is appreciated!

Have you tried downloading it all manually and then uploading it?

This is extremely tedious and would most likely flag some sort of limitation eventually. I ended up solving this issue by harvesting metadata from a source that already has this information within a JSON format. You can find my success in these findings through my Emoji Chat Panel here!

nice, does this work on the new textchatservice?

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No, this currently only works with my open sourced resource, Social Chat :happy3:

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