Twistś - Appeals Guide

Twistś - Appeals Guide


This guide explains how to appeal your Permanent ban,Trello Ban, or communications server ban. We do not have an appeals format, so this is a loose guide to appealing and you may personalise your appeals in any way you think would benefit you.

Important Points

  • When appealing, please inform us clearly of your relevant username (communications or Roblox) and which ban you’re appealing.

  • Your appeal must be sent to one and only one of our High Ranks. Coordinator or above).

  • You must wait a minimum of one week after your ban in order to appeal. If you appeal before this one week, your appeal will be automatically declined and the one week period will reset.

  • Do not annoy our HRs to read your appeal, you will receive a response within 24 - 48 hours.

  • Appeals can be sent via Roblox PMs, in-game PMs or DMs straight to our high ranks.

  • If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will have to wait two weeks in order to re-appeal again. Do not annoy our HRs or be disrespectful about it. It is at HRs’ discretion whether to accept your appeal or not.

  • If you received multiple bans for the same reason, one appeal will suffice to appeal for all at once, however please make sure you state you’re appealing for multiple. However, if you received multiple bans for different reasons, you will need to send in multiple appeals for the different bans.

  • Ask any Coordinator+ if you have questions about our appeals process.

What to include in your appeal:

  • The reason why you were banned.

  • Why we should unban you.

  • How you will change your ways if we unban you.

You may write your appeal in a paragraph and you may add more information into your appeal than this, as it is just a loose guide of what we expect for you to include. You do not need grammar, though it may be preferred, and you may make your appeal as detailed as you wish.


Once your appeal has been sent off, our HR team will review it and you’ll get a response within 48 hours. If your appeal is accepted, the ban that you appealed will be successfully lifted, but it doesn’t restrict you from future bans. Please carefully consider your actions at Twists facilities in the future. Feel free to message any Coordinator or above with questions or concerns.

Approved by Twistś HRs