Twistś - Code Of Conduct

Twistś - Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct is an organized page of rules for all ranks, including customers and guests, at all of Twistś’s facilities. How you present yourself, behave, and go about your day with other people needs to be in check with these rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action. This is split into two different sections; a section which is aimed at everyone, and another section aimed at mainly staff. (Trainee+). Please note that the enforcement of these rules it at the discretion of our administrators and their say is final. If you believe you have been falsely banned for any reason, please contact a Shift Manager or above.

General Code of Conduct

These are the basic rules that everybody visiting all Twists facilities are required to follow. Not doing so will result in disciplinary action being taken by one of our higher staff.

[1] Trolling or purposely disturbing the flow of the cafe and/or Twists is not allowed, and you will be automatically be banned from the server without warning.

[2] Exploiting is not allowed at all Twists establishments. If any signs of exploiting are captured by one of our administrators, you will be permanently banned from all Twists facilities.

[3] Your attire and clothing choices need to be realistic and appropriate to visit our facilities. Inappropriate choices of clothing include, but are not limited to:

  • Racist and/or sexist shirts.
  • Any body hair t-shirts/shirts/pants.
  • Any invisible clothing with a realistic skin colour.
  • Any pieces of clothing that bypass the Roblox filter, e.g swearing.
  • Any clothing that may offend others, such as anti LGBTQ+ clothing, clothing that suggests sensitive topics and/or events, etc.
  • Anything generally unrealistic (attire with huge faces on them, clothing purposely worn for attention and/or to create a disturbance etc).

If you are not in an appropriate and realistic outfit, or if you equip any of the items listed above, you will be awarded one minute to change into an appropriate outfit. If you refuse or fail to do so, you will be banned. It is at an administrator’s discretion to determine whether your outfit is inappropriate and if they ask you to change, you are required to do so in order to stay in the game.

[4] Any inappropriate usernames that bypass the Roblox filter are not allowed at our establishments, and you will be automatically banned. This includes at interviews, trainings and when applying.

[5] Spamming of any sort is not allowed at our facilities or on our group wall, and will lead to you being either banned and/or PBanned.

[6] Any forms of advertising, whether that be your Youtube channel, communication server, Roblox group etc, is not allowed at Twists and will lead to you being banned from our server.

[7] Please do not annoy our administrators. If you are continuously following us around or just being generally annoying towards us, we have the right to ban you from the server if you do not cooperate after being initially told to stop.

[8] Please do not make any false accusations or reports about any other users. This will lead to you being banned from our server after a prompt to stop.

[9] Please try your best to speak English when you are at the cafe, as most of our LRs and admins only understand that language only a few may understand another language. If you are not familiar with English, please use Google Translate and select the “English” option. If you troll in another language, you will be banned from the server. If you fail to comply to speak English after being informed to do so, you will also be banned.

[10] When you are at the cafe, the maximum amount of items you can order at one time is three this is unless you bought a membership. If you order more than that in the same order, you will be reminded that the limit is three. If you purposely continue to order more than three items, you will be banned from the server.

[11] Administrators have the right to ban your alternative accounts if you rejoin on them after you have been banned rightfully on your first account for breaking any of the above rules.

[12] Use common sense. If you think that something you might do may not be right, or may be against the rules, don’t do it. This is a loose guide to the basic rules to be followed. Administrators have the right to ban you if we feel that you’re trying to bypass any rules, just because they are not listed on this page.

[13] In order to visit the cafe, your account age needs to be at least 27 days old. This is to prevent trollers and/or exploiters bypassing any bans they may have received on previous accounts. We realise that this may not be ideal for any new users who come across Twists, however it is for the best interest of our visitors and staff.

[14] If you are Trello-Banned, PBanned, or banned from our communications server, you are allowed to send an appeal to one of our Shift Managers or above if there is an appeal to your ban You will receive a response in approximately 24 hours after you have sent in the appeal. Please refer to our Appeals Guide for more information about this.

Staff Code of Conduct

Dress Code

Our staff should be dressed in a semi-formal fashion. We want a positive and professional look towards customers and other groups when they visit the cafe. Although this may not mean you always have to be wearing a dress or a suit, it is recommended that you always wear the 1.0 package (no package at all) while at Twistś facilities, although this isn’t required for LRs. Customers have a bit more freedom but must be dressed appropriately; inappropriate forms of dress will either result in a warning, ban, or demotion, depending on your rank.


Staff members are required to be mature at all times. We do not want to see you lacking grammar, yelling/screaming at people, making vulgar jokes, treating others with disrespect, insulting anyone, trolling, or gossiping. It will reflect poorly on your character and the group as a whole and will most likely get you demoted or banned, depending on your rank. In severe cases, it will also see you being PBanned.


You will be held responsible for your actions, such as attending sessions, working behind the counter, visiting the cafe, etc. Remember that as an employee it is your priority to work while at Twistś. Although it is fine to chat amongst your friends, you should make sure your job is at the forefront of your mind. If you do wish to chat with your friends and have some fun, that is fine, however do not get overly immature or start messing around with them too much. Doing so may lead to a warning, demotion or a ban. Please also note that any actions that are performed on your account, regardless of who was actually using the account, are the account holder’s responsibility and the account will be appropriately dealt with. Excuses such as “it wasn’t me” or “my brother used my account” will not be deemed as valid.


Asking for promotions will drastically lower the chance of you getting promoted and, if excessive, could get you demoted. Similarly, asking if there are SA spots open shows you will only work when there is a chance of being promoted to an admin rank. An MR asking for a promotion or complaining about someone else being promoted is also viewed as immature, unprofessional and disrespectful, and can lead to a demotion.


If you are a customer or guest visiting any of our establishments, grammar is not required to be used. However, please do keep in mind that trolling is not allowed, and therefore will get you banned from the game. If you are a Trainee+, grammar is only required when working in the kitchen at V2 and at training sessions. If you are outside of the kitchen and just in the general cafe area, grammar is not required, although you are to remain mature at all times. If you fail to use grammar after warned, you will be demoted from your position. If you are an MR+, grammar is required at all times when at any of Twists’s facilities; not doing so, or lacking grammar, will lead to warnings and/or demotions.

Job Requirements

Your account must also be over 30 days old to apply for a job at Twists. This is because we do not want alt accounts being able to apply at Twists for multiple safety reasons. If your account is below 30 days old, then you will need to wait a few days until your account is at least the required amount of days.

Admin/Utility Commands

Admin abuse is not tolerated with any of our LR, MR or HR staff members; all blacklisted admin commands are not to be used. Please use admin commands sparingly, and only to keep order at the cafe and to protect the people there. Using admin commands for your enjoyment can and will result in a demotion and a PBan.


The rules listed on this page that apply to you must be abided by while visiting or working at any of our places. Any transgressions will be responded with disciplinary action from our HRs and MRs. Feel free to message any Staff Assistant or above about the rules listed above if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about them.

Approved by Twistś HRs