Twistś - Frequently Asked Questions

Twistś - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This section includes some of our more frequently asked questions that we receive. If you find that your question is unanswered in this guide, feel free to contact an available MR or HR for further assistance.

Questions & Answers

Q1) How do I find the communications server?

You can find our communications server under ‘social links’ located in the group’s page.

Q2) I’m currently a trainee, how do I get promoted?

You earn promotions by attending and passing trainings. To be promoted to Junior Barista, you need a minimum of 6 total points at the end of training. To be promoted to Barista, you need minimum 8 total points. To be promoted to Senior Barista, you need minimum 10 total points (everything correct). Once you have reached the rank of Senior Barista, take a look at the SB Promotion Guide for more details on how to begin your journey to SA.

Q3) I’ve been an SB for awhile now, and I haven’t been promoted to SA. What should I be doing to get promoted?

Assuming you’ve read the SB Promotion Guide , it is recommended that you’re working behind the counter as much as you can and doing little things to personalize your interaction with customers. This can include using a unique, but appropriate, greeting, and assisting any lower ranks that may need help learning about Twistś. We also recommend that you do not ask about the SA position so much as it may come off as a desperate attempt to be noticed, as it will hurt your chances drastically for a promotion.

Q4) Where is the Interview Center?

We are currently working on the Interview Center, we should have one by the beginning of 2021.

Q5) The Application Center is currently closed, what does that mean? When will it open?

If the application center is closed it means there is an error that is within the center, it should be opened within a few hours. In the mean time you can go to the cafe.

Q6) How do I become a Trainee?

In order to become a Trainee, you will need to submit an application at our Application Center and it needs to be passed. For it to meet our requirements, you need at least an 85% to pass the quiz. To find our Application Center, simply go to our group page, look at our “Games” section, and then click on the game that says “Job Center”.

Q7) I passed my application but I haven’t been ranked to Trainee. What do I do?

If you passed your quiz but did not get ranked, contact the Chairman because there can be an error with the center, or our bot was not programmed correctly.

Q8) I have safechat. Can I apply for Trainee?

Yes, if you have safechat you may apply for Trainee, but you may not be promoted to MR+, we do not want to decline anyone a job here at Twists!

Q9) Do you need to wear/have "aesthetic" clothing or username, or have robux to be promoted to SA?

No, we do not promote based on avatar, if your avatar is against our rules you will not be promoted. If you have 0 robux and do not have avatars like most people you can still be promoted to SA.

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