Twisted 1.16 Changelog

– Vesion 1.16 BETA –

Chaser Equipment

  • Added Chaser Warehouse
  • Added TIV 1
  • Added TIV 2
  • Added Dominator 3
  • Added 3 different types of probes


  • Calculations more precise for proper timings
  • Morning convection now possible

Storms and Tornadoes

  • Rainwrap visibility tweaks
  • Ground scouring disappears slower
  • Ground scouring no longer appears over lakes
  • Tornadoes die out faster after exiting map
  • Multivortex tweaked significantly
  • Storms no longer adhere to next day’s storm motion at night
  • Debris fading now more common with larger tornadoes
  • Misc. clouds now more visible
  • Tweaked recycling odds
  • Fixed tornadoes doing a flip
  • Revised storm spawning behaviors


  • PDS TORs now darker
  • Fixed TOREs not occurring properly
  • Current warning display is now more accurate
  • Radar roads now client-sided to reduce part count
  • Road generation cleaned up and organized
  • Player blips now update every 5 seconds
  • House location now visible on radar
  • Probes visible on radar


  • Better layering of tornadic winds (gets weaker further you go from the tornado core)
  • Damage rotating around tornado made more realistic
  • Cars now rotate around tornadoes
  • Players no longer ejected from cars
  • Players no longer lofted under objects
  • Added dynamic damage system for all damageable objects, using NWS DIs.


  • Tweaked loading interface
  • Redid thermo/conditions panel (more organized and color-coded)
  • Redid house panel (now only has lock and sell feature)
  • Recoded playerlist
  • Added confirm purchase feature
  • Smoothed radar movements
  • Smoothed compass movements
  • Redid garage button
  • Leaderboard display names (hover to see username)
  • Dealership now starts on free truck


  • Fixed all suspension issues
  • Tweaked all vehicle stats
  • Redid car interface
  • Added GPS to all vehicles
  • Automated constraint generation and welding
  • Mesonet windspeeds more accurate
  • Players can no longer jump out of moving cars
  • Vehicle occupants UI now hover over vehicles
  • Made fueling less complicated (any side works now)
  • Added Honda Civic


  • Particles now drift with wind and towards tornadoes
  • Effects now properly turn off / on
  • Reduced particle based lag
  • Fixed effects not going away properly


  • Lightning flashes more smoother and dynamic
  • Figuration more diverse and random
  • Branches from bolts
  • Thunder audio client sided for better audio adjustments
  • Thunder now muffled under surfaces and in vehicles


  • Potential for flickering
  • Better colors
  • Better scaling handling
  • Tweaked zap audio


  • Increased map size from 20x20 to 25x25 (400 sq mi to 625 sq mi)
  • Redid every damageable item to be compatible with dynamic damage
  • Added more detail to all structures
  • Added more detailed trees
  • Added more hills and varying levels of terrain in map
  • Added areas of denser forest and shrubs
  • Added several new towns and villages
  • Added several new lakes
  • Added new interstate in better location
  • Added several new county roads and state routes
  • Changed and re-routed some older roads
  • Added more detail to map in general


  • Players can hold 3 gas canisters
  • Players no longer automatically heal
  • Players now choose hometown


  • Added chainsaw gamepass to cut up fallen trees
  • Added SKYWARN gamepass to allow players to send storm reports


  • Added beans to gas station
  • Recoded and secured DataStores
  • Slowed daytime and sped up night time
  • DataStore fails now logged with webhook
  • Made damage regeneration time longer
  • Added ability to buy in-game currency with robux
  • Updated chat settings to show display names
  • Tag and color code for developers and moderators in chat
  • Added bubble chat
  • Increased maximum server size to 25

Releasing at 7:00 PM EDT on Sunday, June 27th, 2021.