Twisted 1.20.1 patch 2

-1.20.1 Patch 2-

  • Fixed NPCs disappearing breaking healing animation
  • Chaser vehicles now have longer mesonet durations
  • Storms will now make the sky darker
  • Drone volume can now be adjusted
  • Lightning will now fade out orange
  • Lightning will now shake screen if close enough
  • Lightning will now have the loud thunder sound when close
  • Fixed all storm audios not going away when SFX is disabled
  • Servers will now send less data to the server browser
  • Servers will now auto-expire instead of relying on the server to tell if its closed
  • You can now join VIP servers from codes in any server
  • Fixed occasional issue where updrafts formed too large and appeared below cloud base
  • Probes will now last slightly longer
  • Fixed issues with probes not showing when held
  • Fixed issues with probes not showing when placed
  • Fixed vehicle FPV spamming logs
  • Fixed issues with storm icons not showing occasionally
  • Added chat error if your vehicle fails to spawn
  • Fixed occupation selecting
  • Fixed NWS door
  • Reduced LITE pausing sensitivity

Twisted [BETA] 1.20.1 Patch 2 Releasing Friday, August 18th, 2023 at 11:10 PM EDT.