Twists Alliance Application Information

Thank you for being interested in forming a partnership with Twists! We love intracting with other groups on the platform. In order to be affiliates/partners we have some requirements set below, if you meet them, you can DM your Alliance Request to our Cheif Public Relations Officer. Remember that we are looking to build healthy relationships with other groups as well as seeing us mutually benefit from an alliance. If there is any sort of drama within a group your alliance will be terminated.

Alliance Requirements

  • Group must have 60+ Active Members. We do not allow exceptions
  • Group must have an active and professional communications server, this meaning, MRs or potentially HRs shouldn’t be running around acting wild. They should be setting an example.
  • Group must be professional and well-rounded
  • Group must attend our events, announce them, and assist us in any way possible.
  • Group must have excellent communication with our High Ranks

Alliance Application Questions

  1. What group are you looking to ally with Twists? (Name and Link:)
  2. What could Twists benifit from this alliance?
  3. How many members does your group currently have?
  4. Please inform us of some representatives we could talk to now.
  5. What are you looking to gain through being in an alliance with Twists?
  6. Please link your Roblox group and your communications server below.


Thank you for being interested in applying for an alliance here at Twists! Please note we will give you our final decision within exactly 24-48 hours. Please ensure that question 6 and 4 are answered ASAP as they will be important factors of our decision. Thank you and have a good day.