Twitter account allowed as your Featured website?

The title is self explanatory, but I’ll explain this question anyway.
Would a Twitter profile link be allowed as your “Featured website?” I know you aren’t allowed to have links to social media just in case someone <13 looks at your profile, but I noticed someone had it as their website and I’m just curious image
Thanks for taking your time to read this

I am pretty sure that, if Roblox didn’t want this they wouldn’t allow for users to set a website? And just in general, developer forum rules are a bit more lax


Well, the dev forum is for >13 people, and even If a person under 13 looks at it I don’t really think they would care.

I mean providing your featured website isn’t breaking one of the rules on the forum then its perfectly fine. The forum itself is only for 13+ users anyway, so they can easily see twitter links on Roblox itself.

If you look down the list of the Broken Rule Matrix you can easily get an idea of whats socially acceptable and unacceptable. Although some rules may be case specific (such as the Bulletin Board links).

Considering that Roblox allows you to put twitter links everywhere in the main site, and allows you to put every site in your DevForum bio(e.g in my bio), I have reached a conclusion that roblox gives the Developers a bit of trust (WOAH TRUST FROM ROBLOX!) in that matter. All though just a response from Staff will satisfy us all.