Twitter Codes UI

Any feedback?


Looks really cool! I don’t the black outline on the redeem text tho

Anything for improved the redeem text?

Removing the black outline could be good, but great job other than that

Have a black outline for the texts and you are good to go.


Its maded in photoshop, not in studio

Pretty good, just 2 suggestions.

  1. Get rid of the outline around the text and make it pure white.
    Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 6.25.38 AM

  2. Straighten out the X
    Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 6.26.36 AM

Hi there! :wave:

This codes UI looks pretty good! I do have some feedback for this codes UI you’ve designed though.

Firstly, for the text box, I’d suggest changing that drop shadow to another color. I don’t think light red matches the current colors implemented onto the User Interface.

Additionally, for close button, I would suggest making the close button base as a rounded rectangle instead of a circle and for the base of the codes User Interface, have the rounded rectangle less rounded (if that makes sense).

Here’s an example of what I mean (I did this in Adobe XD, but I believe the rounding system for rounding rectangles is similar to what I’m about to show as an example on Adobe XD):

Yes, I know that these example doesn’t look that great, but I just wanted to show what I think would be better.

Then, I’d suggest resizing the codes User Interface to be a bit bigger so the rounded rectangular button base can be placed on the UI inner instead of the outer.

For the “Redeem” button, maybe a color that is a bit more darker for the border would be better and maybe resizing it to be a bit smaller (or when you are resizing the base of the UI, you can make it so the redeem button is fine if that is preferred. Either way is fine).

If you want to, you can use a darker color of green and remove the border of the “REDEEM” text.

Overall, the UI looks great! With some more work put into the UI, it will look even better!

Great job with this UI you’ve designed! :+1:

P.S. Quick question. What fonts did you use for this UI? I like the fonts chosen for this UI as they match nicely with the cartoony style of UI you’ve designed.


Getting rid of the “REDEEM” text border could make it so that the redeem button is color blinding. A better thing to do if the “REDEEM” text border removed, would be to add a drop shadow to the text or make the colors on the redeem button darker.