Twitter link not showing up on profiles?

I created a Twitter account and linked it via account settings to my profile so I had the little Twitter button next to my YouTube button. Today, I noticed it was gone. I went to my account settings to see if it was still linked, and the Twitter area is entirely missing! I looked at other user’s pages I know who have their Twitter links on their profile, and none of their links showed up either.

I had my friend CJ_Oyer check it out, and all the twitter links DO show up for him, including the one on my profile. What’s going on here? Why is it not even showing up in account settings? I’m definitely a 13+ account. I also have my YouTube linked, and I can see that on my profile. I have no plugins modifying my web page, and I am using the latest version of Chrome. Any suggestions?

Also, in account settings, the Google+ text field isn’t even there.



Nevermiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind it was my adblocker removing it :slight_smile: Fixed haha


Make your reply a solution to mark it even more :stuck_out_tongue:

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