Twitter Verification

Hello, so i’ve been trying to figure out how to make a twitter verification and i ended up with a proxy acting as the middle man and setting my tokens on the proxy side except i cant tell how im supposed to send the authorization header

this is what i did and it just kept showing unauthorized so please help out if u know how to!

do you know how to use environment variables? because seems like you didn’t provide an “oauth token” for the api authorization, or in other words you didn’t set oauth_consumer_key and oauth_token in environment variables.

i did provide them in the environment variables

probaby it’s an invalid token? can you double check
also, what library are you using to send requests?

ProxyService is what im using, i managed to get it to work but apparently i still need to generate a user context aouth2 which i also just cant seem to figure out how to do yet

do you mind explaining what’s a user context oauth2 to me?