Two Catalog items have collision enabled on all experiences

Issue (Brief):
Collision Enabled on Snow Queen Outfit & Sun Wukong - The Monkey King Across All Experiences

Issue (Long):
The Snow Queen outfit & Sun Wukong - The Monkey King available on Roblox, have collision features enabled by default for all experiences. This issue appears to be due to the outfit’s collision settings being active when they should be inactive or configurable by experience creators. The problem allows users to exploit the collision feature in environments where it is typically disabled, leading to unintended gameplay mechanics and potential disruption of game balance and design.


Snow Queen Outfit - Snow Queen - Roblox
Sun Wukong - The Monkey King - Sun Wukong - The Monkey King - Roblox

Expected behavior

The outfits should have collision features disabled by default.

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Are you talking about the low skirt-like geometry of torsos? I think that those parts are supposed to be can-collide. Simply disabling collision on the torso/lower torso may cause other even worse problems in experiences. Maybe the underlying collision geometry of these can be adjusted, or they can be remodeled to be layered clothing?

I get similar issues on my experience AWOO which uses this bundle for a character in the game. Lady in Red - Roblox


I’m told they are not suppose to be can-collide, you can barely walk up stairs & can push people around in games.

The core issue here is that the Torso/LowerTorso is oversized to encompass the dress visual. This allows for legs to move independently of the dress visual. It is expected for the Torso/LowerTorso to have collision, but not expected for the the size to extend that low. Roblox does not develop bundle this way any more because of the issue, but it is not clear how to fix this besides re-modeling the bundles to use newer tech. Disabling collision on Torso creates other complications with other consequences.

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Some feature requests that may address this issue:

  • Developer methods to standardize character collision (highly requested for consistent gameplay and competitive fairness)
  • Developer methods to detect and remove/replace avatar assets that are pre-categorized as extreme or unusual (physically or visually)

Thanks for the report. We’ll follow up when we have an update for you;

Thanks for the report. VitalWinter nailed the explanation on the head. Torsos and Heads are always set to CanCollide. Otherwise, Avatars will not work as expected (Avatars potentially going through walls, for example). If you look at any Avatars, even the ones that work as expected in your experience, CanCollide is always on for the torsos and heads.

We are aware Snow Queen, Sun Wu Kong, and any old Avatars with large lower torsos will potentially cause gameplay issues. We are looking at ways to address these without causing any visual difference to what they look like right now.


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