Two Player Infinite Jump Bug


Commonly known as Frog Jumping, the technique is used mainly in clans to gain a height advantages in classic R6 fighting. This bug can be mostly used to get out of bounds and into unintended areas. This involves two players with coordination to pull off. This was thought to be R6 only; however, I’ve discovered a way to consistently reproduce this bug with R15.

R6 Infinite Jump:

On the left is the method without a wall and on the right is the method with a wall.

R6 Reproduction:

(Without Wall)

  1. Player1 will stand on Player2’s head, lining up evenly and activate shiftlock so you stay facing straight.
  2. Player2 has to walk forward for a second, walk back for half a second, and then jump on top Player1’s head.
  3. Both players will then start to infinitely rise. You can only fall by moving out of position.

(With Wall)

  1. Player1 still stand up against a wall, activating shiftlock to stay facing straight.
  2. Player2 will approach Player1, constantly holding down W.
  3. Once Player2 reaches Player1’s back, Player1 will jump following Player2 jumping too.
  4. If done correctly, both players will keep jumping until over the wall.

R15 Infinite Jump:

The first gif featured using the default size/width without scaling nor proportions. As you can see, only a few jumps are able to happen before you slip off. In the other gifs, scaling is used and the technique works. I experimented with many different combinations of Body Type, Width, Proportions, and Height.

R15 Reproduction:

  1. Player1 still stand on top of Player2’s head, both facing forward with shiftlock enabled. Player1 should try to make themself as central and even as possible on Player2’s head.
  2. Player2 will back up slightly and jump on top of Player1’s head.
  3. If done correctly, both players will infinitely rise until they decide to move.

Reproduction Game:

You can perform these in any game using default roblox animations and with player collisions enabled, but if you’d like a good place to try, join the below game with a friend.


If you look at the 1st R15 gif and the 2nd R15 gif, you will see a difference in roles. In the 1st gif, I am Player1 and Player2 in the 2nd gif. When you jump on the person on top of you’s head, it shows you are on top for their screen, but you are on the bottom for their’s. This confusion in the game infinitely sends the two players upwards, because it can’t decide who is on top and who is on the bottom.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks for @2dull for assisting me in gathering this footage and providing the R6 method.


bump because for some reason it got ignored by roblox staff


Fixing this would be quite a challenge due to the fact the entire reason this happens is because of the latency (ping) between the character position on the client and position on the server.

It could be possible to fix with some physics manipulation on the server to make sure the character isn’t just “flying”, however it can also break some other things such as intentional flinging or even some admin commands.

This bug has existed for a very, very long time and I dont think ROBLOX is planning to fix it anytime soon, but it could catch me by suprise if they did.

sadly i don’t think this bug is all that fixable unless you somehow disable player-player collisions in your game. that’s what i do in all my games