Two Players in One Seat

Hi! I am currently working on a game that involves many “seat” parts. I was wondering if there was a way to duplicate the world for each person so that people wouldn’t have to wait for others to get up to sit in a seat, or if there might also be a more efficient way to do so… Any ideas? Thanks!


It really depends on your game and how it’ll work. I’m going to give a few ideas below, but if your game is different, please provide more information and I’ll have a think.

  • Single Player: If the game is a single player game, and by the sounds of it, it potentially is (as people can sit in the same neat and not interact with each other), it will be easier to change the max players in a server to 1, and have everyone in a different server - that way it’s pure single-player and people can do the same things at the same time.

  • Multi-Player: This is where it’d get confusing.

    • If the game when you are in the seat has a GUI or camera event (or similar), it may be easier to teleport the user to another area which would free the seat up. After they are done, you can teleport them back so it appears to the character/player that nothing happened.
    • If the game is multi-player, but this area doesn’t rely on other people, you could either use teleport service to take them to another place, similar to the single player idea, or you could duplicate the room/area.
    • Think about the use of seats. Could a button be pressed instead of sitting down? It all depends on the gameplay context.
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Hi, thank you so much for your response! Sorry this reply is a bit late, I have been a bit busy. The game is single-player, so none of the players have to interact with each other. I think your suggestion for 1-person servers is definitely something for me to consider.

Unfortunately, like most of my projects, I don’t know how to continue development in this game. I have gotten a bit too familiar with abandoned projects these days :sweat_smile:. Your ideas, however, are really good, and the one for a multi-player game is really creative!

Thank you again for your reply! :smiley:

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