Two Questions About Animation

Hello, I am requesting two questions about animation.

How do I keep an animation playing while the model is anchored?

With the LoadCharacter plugin (you type in a username and it loads the character in R6/R15), how do you stop the head and accessories from being misplaced?

The joints of the character rig won’t be animated if they’re anchored, but the HumanoidRootPart is the part that every limb is connected to. So you can just anchor the HumanoidRootPart only, and your character will animate just fine while being held in place.

The best way I know of setting a character’s position is to just edit the HumanoidRootPart’s CFrame/Position instead of the Torso/other limbs (moving other limbs may cause the Motor6Ds to break and no longer weld to the root part. if the head or torso is disconnected/removed, the character will die.)

Sometimes Accessories are misplaced and end up not connected and/or in the wrong places. What I do to work around this is just move the accessories out of the character model, and place them back in. Worked all the time for me. (make sure the Handle parts of the accessories are not anchored)

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