Two random scripts getting inserted

I don’t know if this is the right place for this, if not please let me know.

When I play my game after about 15 seconds two heavily obfuscated scripts get inserted
I’ve checked all the script and none of them insert this, and I’ve deleted all my plugins, this is a team create project so it might be another member’s plugin. I cannot get a screen shot of the contents of the scripts because when I open them it crashes studio a bit suspicious, but here’s the raw .lua filesLogging.lua (1.3 MB) Pewp.lua (433.6 KB)
when they’re inserted it heavily lags the game and I have a decently powerful PC.


Edit 1: I just found that it also inserts a ObjectValue called “load”, it has no value tho

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It’s most likely a plugin you have, as I had a plugin [I disabled like all my plugins to fix but yeah] and it was adding scripts which seemed too mess my games up.

I said I did and it still happens

Definitely, It’s a script intended to crash the game, It basically runs a function returning tons and tons of randomly generated values. Maybe you should check if that happens in a non team create project.

Hmm… That is very weird, have you maybe done anything which could of caused this?

nope it still puts the script in, I’m seriously confused

Have you disabled every plugin? Maybe try deleting them and even restarting your pc!?

May I get a list of all your plugins? I could inspect the code of the plugins to determinate which one is the problem.

I don’t have any, I deleted all the things in my local copy and it’s yet to happen, I think I’ve found the issue but I’m not certain yet

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Make sure to disable AllowThirdPartySales, maybe a third party web or app is causing the problem.

So, to confirm, you download a copy of the place, and open the copy locally, and it will pop-up in explorer pane without hitting play or do you need to play as well?

ok I think I found the issue, I have a datahandler module script but when I delete it it does not insert the things, but I made the script, I don’t understand how this happens, It may be something on Roblox’s end.

Make sure there are no free models though.

ok last comment, I found the issue and it was a Roblox issue
somehow thisimage got put at the end of my script and cause it do mess everything up, I really don’t understand it but it works so whatever, thank you to everyone who helped.

it was probably a plugin or model that you previously had, this is a known thing with front-page free models and some plugins

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