Two solutions in one topic?

I noticed a strange bug wile browsing the forum today.

I noticed that there were two solutions within a topic

Steps to reproduce:
It is available in only one topic, so you just have to scroll down to see it.

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its actually true and I see nothing like it before

It is either the person that did it (Has bad internet) and tried to click on solution on two posts by accident
Or it could be a bug with the site or their “app” that they now have on Windows

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Who knows… Maybe it’s a new feature.

Not, I tried. It’s not a new feature.

Can confirm it’s not just a visual bug.

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It could be a beta feature, not that I know anything about it. It’s just a possibility.

I suggest asking @mannyjammies111 on if he has any clue as to what happened on his topic. Maybe a little insight from him may make this bug easier to fix and identify the source of the problem.


My assumption would be that perhaps they had it open on 2 devices such as on their desktop and their phone then pressed mark as solution on the 2 posts (one on each device) at roughly the same time on the devices. I would assume however there would be server checks to ensure only one post can be marked as solution although I could be wrong.

Idk- I clicked mine by mistake then clicked his and it was still there.


Yeah; I clicked my own responce my mistake and then went to click the correct one and i saw they were both listed with the check, I have no idea waht happened/


seems like it’s fixed, I don’t see it with two solutions, only one

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