Tycoon Building

Hello I’m leo007er1!

I’m looking for some feedbacks on this tycoon building.
I want to achieve a simple and good looking style.
There aren’t free models, all made by my hands.

Any feedback is appreciated and THANKS :smiley:


In my opinion the construction is very good and the simple style suits it very well.


It looks very typical like every other tycoon game, they always use something looking like that, I can tell from the inside that not much is detailed (or at least as much as shown from the screenshot) The building is decent. For the trees, I’m not quite sure you actually made them and my evidence to support that claim:

Now if you did make the trees, then It looks good.
Overall it’s ok


Making low poly trees aren’t that hard to do so most likely he made it

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It’s not bad but I wouldn’t say good. The terrain is very nice but could have a couple bushes or maybe some more details but I think it’s fine as it is. The building just looks like any other tycoon and those low poly trees fit well. The sign and tree do look a bit like free models so not sure about that. Low poly trees are pretty easy to make so you might have made it but doesn’t really matter. Over all it’s okay and looks like any other tycoon.

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Well I made the trees in 7 minutes I think. I don’t focus too much on building, but more on gameplay, so this is why. I have all positive ratings so, I’m only gonna add some details.

Looks good, it would look even better with deathrun style terrain.

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