Tycoon Cash and Progress saver

I’ve been creating a tycoon game:

And I got most things working as I want them to however I have no idea how to save the cash and data. I used Zed’s Tycoon Kit as a starting place for my tycoon but now I can’t figure out how to save all the data and progress. I’ve tried using data stores, it saved the cash however not the progress and the cash could no longer be used in the next game session.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Could we see your code of the DataStore script? We don’t have much ground to work on if we don’t know what’s going on in the script.

You are going to need to include the code used in your models if you want proper feedback and help.


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A starting point would be to assign a value to every object you can buy in the game, so like a dropper could be 1, conveyor walls would be 2, etc. Save those values and when they join the game, load those values and check them and if it says a value named “conveyorWalls” = 1, then load it. You can save this the same way you said you saved the cash.

That’s a script that I managed to find that saved the cash properly:
23_11_19 1.txt (4.1 KB)

However I also found this script that saved the cash but was not compatible with the tycoon kit.
23_11_19 2.txt (1.0 KB)


If you don’t have any experience scripting, jumping straight to datastores after using a free model tycoon kit probably isn’t the best place to start. I’d reccomend that you go to the basics of scripting and try to make a lot of this tycoon on your own.

To save all of the buildings in your tycoon isn’t a very simple problem, and requires quite a bit of more advanced scripting logic.

My reccomendation if you really want to try saving all of the progress is this:

Create a base table when new tycoons are made of all the buyable models, and the index is the model name with the value being false. Whenever one of the models is bought, change that to true. Save this table into a datastore. Based on the models that are true, make those models exist in their tycoon, models that are false are buyable.