Tycoon Feedback

I’m currently working on a Tycoon right now, This is what it looks like so far!
If you have any Suggestions or Criticism, You may point them out below. :smiley:

also if i need to add more photos let me know


Looks great! Keep up to good work.

Thanks, After I finish this Tycoon I’m soon to add Custom Animations to the game.

It looks very bland and sterotypical. I can tell this is from a tycoon kit from “Fighting Bears”. You should be a bit more original, this isn’t very creative or unique. (The idea and the looks.)

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Looks good, maybe try moving the spawn point in front of the gate, or making it invisible.

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I forgot to change the name, I’ll try adding more Decorations Soon and try to change the Design and bit. But thanks for your feedback tho. I appreciate it.

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First of all, most tycoons use the tycoon kit. Second off, What’s not original? The build seems to be built by the author. There is only so much originality you can have while making a tycoon game.

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Yes. Pretty much my point. The design and idea aren’t original. Tycoons aren’t really the best to make.

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I think what I’ll do is add more to the windows and and add outside decoration and try not to make it very original like the other tycoons and not boring, and maybe adding a saving system (If I can)

I’m assuming this is a mistype?

Anyway, the problem with me suggesting ideas on how to make an unoriginal concept ‘original’ is that, it (the idea) needs to change the game to a sizeable extent. Otherwise, you’re just adding side features that don’t contribute to the core gameplay.

Hey Looks good, But one recommendation, do not make it generic, Try add some original things so people can get something from your game that they can’t get from all the thousands of tycoons out there :slight_smile:

I cannot give feedback as the tycoon is a free model. Try making your own! :slight_smile:

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It’s not bad and not decent, it’s just an another tycoon, nothing really interesting here.

Looks great, but on the other side; It’s like every other tycoon. Nothing new, sorry, but I don’t like it. :confused: