Tycoon Replicating Plots

Hi, I’m currently making a tycoon game, and I’ve come up with a temporary solution of having separate folders for each tycoon plot (ex: Green, Blue, Yellow), and then once they buy a button, the item inside that folder would be put into workspace (already placed correctly). This is however inefficient if I want to add more things, because I would have to add a buybutton to the specific location for each plot, and also the item bought to each location and plot. How would I make it like where if I make it for one tycoon, I am able to replicate it to all the other tycoons/plots? Any help would be appreciated.

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Still need a solution to make this easier

Sorry, but I quite don’t understand what is your goal here. Could you please rephrase your issue so I can understand better?

So my goal is for each plot to have the same upgrades. Basically I just want to build one plot without having to do the same with the other plots. For example, in my tycoon game, I want to add a buy button for a dropper, and I place it where I want it to be on one plot. I want it to be at that exact same location for the other plots relative to its plot if that makes sense. Basically replicating all the upgrades without manually having to replicate them to the other plots. If it still doesn’t make sense I’m happy to try to clarify more

Thank you for the clarification. I have a better grasp of your problem now.

My idea is that, you can save a reference point, using a transparent and non-collidable part, and set it to exactly where you want the buy button to be at. Do this same process for every plot, then when the player purchases the plot and you want to place the buy button, you can refer to the reference point’s CFrame and place it there.

That’s what I was thinking, but wouldn’t I have to find out what the CFrame is by just constantly testing out where it would be placed?

No, that’s why the reference point is going to help you. You don’t need to find the CFrame manually, just refer to wherever its current CFrame is in the world, and use it to position your Buy Button.

Oh wait I got it, I think, I’ll test it out soon. Thanks

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Great! Just incase if you still don’t understand some parts, I will give an example.

Let’s say you already have a model/folder that resembles a plot. You put a reference point at some position within the model. The CFrame of the part will be handled as the part will identify where it is currently at in terms of CFrame.

Now, let’s say you need to have multiple plots, you can just duplicate the existing plot and give it another name. Everything in the model/folder is duplicated exactly as the original one, except the main property that is subjected to change is the CFrame of the reference point because the duplicated model/folder is at a different position compared to the original plot position.

But here’s the thing, the CFrame of the reference point is exactly the same relative to its adjacent parts. In other words, if you place the reference point next to a, for example, a red part, in your original plot, then when you duplicate that plot, the reference point of that duplicated plot will be next to the red part of the duplicated plot. So you don’t have to manually find the CFrame because the reference point of each plot will give you the desired CFrame.

I hope this answers all your questions.

Quick question, how do I find the CFrame of a part relative to its reference point

Nevermind I think I use ToObjectSpace

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The CFrame is global, which means it is based on world coordinates. So it doesn’t matter, just get the CFrame of the reference part and use it.