Type { centered : boolean } could not be converted into {any}

function Jovan.New(className : string) : (props : any) -> GuiObject
	return function(props : any) : GuiObject
		local newUI = Instance.new(className)
		local cssProps = {}
		for name, val in pairs(props) do
			if markers[name] then continue end
			newUI[name] = val

		if props[CHILDREN_MARKER] then
			for _, element in ipairs(props[CHILDREN_MARKER]) do
				element.Parent = newUI

		if props[DECLARATION_MARKER] then
			for name, val in pairs(cssProps) do
				Properties[name](newUI, val)
		return newUI

local New = Jovan.New

local root = New "ScreenGui" {
	Parent = workspace,
	[Jovan.Children] = {
		New "TextLabel" {
			Text = "Works",
			Size = UDim2.fromOffset(100, 200),
	[Jovan.Declarations] = {
		centered = true,

Could anyone tell me why the [Jovan.Declarations] and [Jovan.Children] are expected to be the same type? I’ve tried changing the function definition’s types but that wont do anything

{any} means an array of any value, basically {[number]: any}, I think you’re looking for something like {[string]: any}

I never defined {any} anywhere its the linter assuming the type of it when it shouldn’t be

I’ve been reading through the documentation on strict type checking recently, but it doesn’t say anything about performance. Does strict typing improve performance or is this just preference?

Just preference types have no effects on code after it’s run

Would you mind sending a screenshot of where exactly this warning is? (Also showing details etc the warning message)

It seems as if Declarations always needs a boolean value.
This might be an issue, if this is a Fusion feature, you should create an issue about it / comment on the PR on making Fusion strictly typed on GitHub.

This isnt the real fusion, just a copy i put the code at the start of the post, and declarations shouldn’t need a bool value, but the linter thinks the tables should be the same type which is what im trying to fix/silence