"Type" of scripter that I am?

Was thinking about this recently, I DO NOT make stuff that messes with CFrames, Positions, or anything too much about anything that is visible to the client, like tools, stuff like that.

I like mostly to mess with back end stuff, but not at all with tools, like weapons, or, IT’S extremely hard to explain. It is extremely easy for me to make a good enough datastore system, but extremely hard for me to even touch a normal sword script from Roblox.

This has been in the back of my mind for a bit, as if I wanted to have that as a detail for my future/current portfolio, and also for curiosity.

Is there a name for this, and for people the other way around? :sweat_smile:

Hm no, I can make more than just datastores lol.

It’s just more back end stuff I like to make, stuff like tools, anything really that messes with position, I HATE to do, and mostly can’t do.

I understand way more than JUST datastores. I do like to use datastores tbh, but none the less it’s umm yeah.

I feel like more of a debugger or “security” scripter since you are more on server side scripts, yet again, its still called a scripter or a programmer(like above)

Edit: Because most of the time, server scripts are more on client checks and stuff
Edit2: I feel like this is more of a development discussion than a scripting support :>

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I guess a “server-side scripter” works fine. I guess then “back-end scripter” works even better.

You are a back-end scripter. Those who work on the server-side heavily with little involvement with the client.

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By the sounds of it you like doing stuff that doesn’t involve the workspace.

For a scripter interacting with the workspace is important, from what you have said so far it makes me think that you are either still new to scripting (Script assistant) or a back end-scripter.

If you are building a portfolio only based off of back-end operations your best bet would be to make a place for people to visit. With this you can have a GUI on the screen that displays the dev console outputs to visualise what your scripts can handle, It wouldn’t hurt to let them input their own information too in an attempt to try to break your script.

However, in the future you will want to learn how to do stuff within the workspace as that is where the majority of the work is needed, doing back-end operations is generally easy to meet the basic standards and is often expected when hiring a scripter to do anything. Therefore if you are set on being a back-end scripter, your scripts need to be on a whole different level from your run of the mil.

It would help if we had more information about what you can do, for a back-end scripter one of the only things you can excel at is HttpService for stuff like discord bots or data saving. It would help if I had some kind of examples of what you are capable of and completed functioning scripts demos.


You are probably an algorithm scripter. A scripter who works more with logic, than with mathematics and rendering things. You work on algorithms behind the scenes, that the player doesn’t see.

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Algorithmics contains mathematics.

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