Typechecking typeof() method has problems casting a type to a table's entry when the entry to the table is not explicitly given

Description and repro instructions

If, for example, you try to inject an object such as a table into a module, the linter has trouble specifying a type for said injected module when you try to type cast using module.index = module.index :: typeof(require(otherModule)), its type gets assigned as ‘any’ and does not show any autocomplete despite a type being casted. It should behave identically to when I do module.index = require(otherModule).

local module = {}
module.classlibrary = module.classlibrary :: typeof(require(script.Parent.Parent.classlibrary)) 
--[[  ^module.classlibrary's type is now any any when it should be a table like so:
			__index = m1
			m2 = metatable ( {}, {__index = m1} )
-- if you try to type module.classlibrary, the "autocomplete" box that shows up will say any
-- should you attempt to index module.classlibrary for its members, autocomplete does not show up

local classlibrary = module.classlibrary :: typeof(require(script.Parent.Parent.classlibrary))
-- classlibrary: any
-- if you attempt to index classlibrary, autocomplete does not show up

local classlibrary = require(script.Parent.Parent.classlibrary)
-- now if you attempt to index classlibrary, autocomplete /does/ show up

return module

As you can see, autocomplete does not show up as its type is defined as “any”

And for expected behaviour,

local module = {}
module.classlibrary = require(script.Parent.Parent.classlibrary)
-- now if you index module.classlibrary, autocomplete does show up because you explicitly assigned module.classlibrary
-- if I assign module.classlibrary = module.classlibrary :: typeof(script.Parent.Parent.classlibrary), this is what should happen

return module

Only now does autocomplete does show up as expected:

Repro files
Here’s a repro file with two scenarios (ReplicatedStorage):
ModuleScript named initializer and its child: to reproduce the bug,
ModuleScript named initializer2 and its child: expected behaviour,
A module called “classlibrary” for some random entry to show that autocomplete does not work as expected

typechecking.rbxl (41.5 KB)

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and will come back as soon as we have updates!

Thanks for the report!