TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'code')

Hello Developers, Nico here once more.

Gotta make this quickly since i’m desperate for help.

I uploaded 2 audios on an account and i wan to to give permissions to my game so it can use those audios, the problem is that whenever i put the UniverseID and save changes it gives me this error, and it is starting to piss me off, i need an answer to this as soon as possible, since i’m in a rush of finishing something.


(part of it is in spanish but it basically says Error updating access to the experience)

Any help is appreciated :pray:

Greetings, Nico.


Or at least is there another method to give the permissions of those audios???

Hey people, it’s me again, i kinda have figured out another temporal way to get the permissions, it is kinda hard and stupid, but all you have to do is to add that other account to the game (by using team create) and then go into your game in the other account, put those audios and then they’ll automatically have the permissions.

Yeah that works for permitting the audio in your own games but not for permitting them in other peoples’ games which is reaaally annoying :frowning:

yeah, i cannot believe it is still not fixed.

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