Types of games worth making?

Hey, Crrustyy here.

I have always found it difficult to create new games with unique ideas, mainly taking popular game ideas and stuff.

I made a post regarding a new project, but wanted to know if making a simulator nowadays is a good idea? Should I continue with it?

How should I go about making new unique games? Please, provide me with some ideas and insight. :smiley:


Creating new games and ideas are easy, but if you create another simulator game it will eventually flop like all the others, I am not saying you cant make a simulator game but there are so many simulator games to the point to where you can search anything and there will be a simulator game related to it.

When making original games, it is much easier to become popular. Take the top games for example like Arsenel. It is technically not an original game because it is a “fps” game and there are plenty of them on ROBLOX but it still never flops. Your game should be constantly updated and payed attention to because your players and their satisfaction is the most important part of a game.

I hope this helped


I would disagree with Advance on this topic.

Making a simulator can give you different results, it just depends how much time you’re willing to put into the game to make it stay attractive to the audience.

Simulators typically get a bad reputation because of how simplistic people have taken them, but you can still notice games such as “Bee Swarm Simulator” has barely budged on the front page for years. Even games such as “Pet Simulator” that don’t update anymore keep up a good player count because players are always trying to be the best at something, or achieve something that others have.

My suggestion to making a fun simulator (if you do decide to make one) is pretty simple, base it widely around something you like a lot. Doing so will allow you to find some interesting updates throughout the games life, and you could end up having a stable community and revenue. Being unique is usually seen through updates, not the games core aspects.

Hope this helped! :wink:

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There are many types of game worth creating, I would rethink on creating another simulator game try to think on how is yours going to be different from the numerous of already made ones out there? Coming up with ideas can be quite difficult from the start, you should create something based on what you enjoy. Find a genre and go from there:

I would always make a game on something you have interest and enjoy playing as those are ways you will develop a quality game on something you enjoy. Since I’m assuming you got some experience related to game ideas try to base ideas on your interest.

There are some excellent threads related to finding some unique game ideas. You should have the opportunity to research certain aspects, here is a source that goes into depth within creating unique ideas;

I’ve seen a lot of debates similar to this.
Overall here’s what I concluded.

------ // Simulators:
They are only good if they are original and don’t use the same old. There are a lot of games out there with purchased / copied scripts and places. These do not take off.
Anyone who choses to make a simulator needs to already have some big new idea for it to get anywhere amongst all the rubbish competition.

------ // Role Plays
These are generally targeted at children to rinse them of their Robux. For this very reason they can maintain player base but the community is toxic and drives away a lot of players. A fair RP for all age groups still does not exist, that would be the ideal goal for a RP game, not to be driven by Robux and to also make the game fun and enjoyable for teenagers too.

------ // FPS
There are a lot of FPS out there so unless you have some new idea and really want to make one it really wont be that productive. There are the few that continue on like Lazarus Zombies or Phantom Forces but that is because a lot of time was put into them.

------ // Building
These tend to be aimed at all age groups and are relatively easy to update and to come up with new ideas for. If you can make a good Building game you can get a large player base that can last for years.

------ // Parkour / Obbies
There are a lot of these, if you were to make one, it has to be different, a total gamechanger for it to be worth it.

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Oh thanks! Just what I need!

The thing that caught my eye was the ‘Building’ genre. May you give an example so I know what you are talking about? I haven’t come across any/many building games recently, except Build A Boat.

Well it can go in many directions

Building a tycoon like ‘Miners Haven’ or ‘Islands’

There’s also the classics like ‘build a raft’ which has evolved into the latest ‘Build A Boat’.

There’s also some games like the classic ‘Build Your Own Mech’ where players could build fighting machines and battle one another. You might also recall skybound where you made flying ships and battled for treasure.