Types of Roblox Clothing

Hello Developer Forum Community!
Today, I have a question that I’ve been wondering for a long time.
I have been developing a clothing company called Citrus Designs.
At the moment, I am hiring designers to work in our design department, and I need to figure out what the street-wear, aesthetic, and the other clothing categories mean.
Please let me know if you understand these different categories. An explanation and example would help me a lot!
Thank you.

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Hey there! I think I can help you out.

Categories such as “aesthetic” are quite subjective. Everyone has their own definition. What one might classify as aesthetic might not be what another person has in mind. However, I can describe some general trends and provide examples!

Streetwear - quite casual, the type of clothing you see most people wearing out and about irl

image image

Aesthetic - simple, visually pleasing, not alot of bold colors

image image

Those are the ones you mentioned, but here’s a few other styles I like to design:

Kawaii - pastel colors, alot of skirts/dresses, very feminine and adorable, usually just for girls but if you can make guy outfits in this style go for it!

image image

Cottagecore - very in-touch with nature, again a mostly feminine genre in my personal opinion

image image

Goth/emo - very dark and grungey, black is usually the main color you're working with, alot of chains/fishnets (not my favorite style)

image image

Those are just a few of many different clothing styles/genres out there. I’d say the best way to gain understanding of a specific genre is to go on pinterest and search up “____ outfits” or “____ aesthetic” and see what kind of stuff pops up!

And again, everyone has their own definition, the way they see a certain style…so definitely don’t take any of this as fact. But, I hope this helps!!


Thank you so much! This will be a big help in the future.
(If anyone else has something to add, that is still appreciated!)