Typewriter effect for chat

How would I achieve a typewriter effect like this?

Source: https://www.roblox.com/games/6165106805/get-a-snack-at-4-am#!/game-instances

Note: I recommend checking out this game!

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Use MaxVisibleGraphemes, they were made specifically for this.

If you payed attention, this uses the normal chat function which cannot use that.

I am not making a gui for this, I’m using chat.

Chat is a gui… what did you think chat was?

It would be possible to translate the concepts we are providing into a text-based form which uses the chat feature.

Chat is not as accessible as a normal gui. I’m using ChatService.

Could you provide an example or script of sorts?

You need to make a custom chat UI then.

Did you not see the video? This is very much achievable.

Its called Style. Make a Frame and change it to ChatGreen, ChatBlue, or ChatRed.


??? This has nothing to do with the post. Please post about the typewriter effect, I have the theme.

It very much has something to do with the post, they mean that the gui that you assume is chat, is actually a gui with one of the Chat[color] styles

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I already told you how to make the typewriter effect. That game does not use ChatService, it uses a custom gui with the theme. Don’t get so hostile, we’re trying to help you.

Alright, I will try to achieve this.

What object has this style property?

Frames, you’ll need to put a TextLabel inside the Frame for the text part.

I have achieved this effect! Thank you!

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