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This post is our Announcement to the developer community. In the post, we will talk about the vision for the company we want to establish, our principles, and the game we currently have in development.

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Typical Gaming exists for two reasons;

  • I’ve had an obsession with MMORPG’s since coming across Runescape in 2001. It left a massive impression on me. Sure, it wasn’t pretty, but the gameplay loop and sense of achievement were immense. I intend to draw from all my adventures and misadventures with the MMO world. The player base has been torn apart and divided by insane microtransactions and convenience using the guise of progress. I don’t believe in being a bystander and intend to try and fix the damage that has been done. Roblox is a perfect place to try and accomplish this almost impossible task because it will most likely be a lot of kids’ first gaming experience. Target the root cause instead of trying to put a plaster over a catastrophic hemorrhage.

  • If that reason wasn’t enough, then here is another. I’m trying to build a workplace that embodies all the things I and many others hold dear. It won’t be for everyone. Open-mindedness and radical transparency will reign supreme. A workplace culture in which understanding someone will be more important than ‘getting the most out of them’. Our weaknesses and strength will be on display for all employees to see. This will create an environment where someone who is not suited to the task will not be given it. Ideas and collaboration will be encouraged at all levels. The game we will create can enable us to get closer to the vision of working with purpose and for something greater than ourselves.

Pillars of Typical Gaming

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A game that is created by gamers, for gamers. No cash-grabbing, no easy way out, persistence, and hard work will be required. Teaching players that if they want something, it takes more than a ‘skip to the endgame’ pass and a credit card to achieve it.

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I’m a 31-year-old gamer, and now I’m trying to be a game designer. My current full-time job is Infantry in the British Army. Due to Coronavirus, I’ve had lots of time off. I decided to spend my time trying to make my dream a reality. In slightly over one year, my time in the Army is over, and a choice will be upon me. The choice will be to settle for a mediocre job in which I go to work and then come home or have a game that is established enough for me to become a full-time developer. Death or Glory!

Completely underqualified, overconfident, and plain ridiculous? Possibly, but my drive and determination, daily study of leadership, and the true desire to create a game that brings people together without using dodgy business practices is my absolute purpose in this life and I will not rest even if it kills me.

I’ve had my time, consuming content, now is the time to create it.

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  • Developers

  • Programmers

  • Artists

  • GUI Programmers

  • Marketing

  • Analytics

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  • An open mind

  • The desire to work with a team

  • A growth mindset

  • The ability to put your ego aside, and admit that you may be wrong

  • Get on board with an idea you don’t fully agree with but understand that the team is greater than the individual

  • Be willing to go through a personality assessment and love language test so the group can better understand your way of thinking.

  • Talk openly about any mistakes you make and how we can mitigate that same mistake from happening again.

  • Experience in the position you are interested in

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  • The Game

  • Application

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What have we been creating for the last six months?

Here are the manicured images of the game;

Introducing, Soul Bond…

Try your hand at Crafting

Nice to Sea you

That looks Tree-mendous

Nice to Meat you

All the good alchemy jokes Argon.

I wish I could go out drinking but, I’m just a miner

This screenshot looks rather empty

GUI is like a joke, if you have to explain it, then it’s not that good


Soul Bond is a sandbox action-oriented MMORPG, set in a rich, colorful, lore filled world in the medieval era.
Fight monsters, world bosses, trawl through dungeons, or if your feeling extremely brave then stake your fortune on beating a rival player through dueling.
Combat not your cuppa-tea? Focus all your efforts on leveling up the 7 non-combat skills we have.
Crafting, Fishing, Mining, Cooking, Alchemy, Farming, or Agility.
If that doesn’t float your proverbial boat then how about exploration? With a fantastic fantasy-filled world comes fantastic objects to discover. Discover a massive amount of books within the world to delve deep into the fantasy that is, Soul Bond.

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At this stage, the team consists of two people;
Me - Lead Developer
Sci_Punk - Lead Programmer

We have two positions to fill at this moment in time,
Programmer -10%
Artist -10% (Artist is a loaded term but in this case we mean, Modeller and texture artist)

Each applicant needs only to send me a pitch and showcase their skill to be in line for a place on the project. We are not expecting to find the right people overnight. If you never try then you will never know.
If you are interested in becoming a contributor to this game or in a more permanent position then send me a message on discord - Girov1234#1012.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Some fun Gif images for the community.
Note that the current idle and run animations are not in place yet.

All skills

Melee and range combat.

NPC with a bit of soul.
Treasure chest.
A spot of woodcutting.

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