Typing Bubble Issue

The title is very self explanatory, the issue I have is the chat bubble is covering the typing bubble.

How can I fix this? :grin:


You can find your solution here, just do the opposite of what he says, it’ll completely disable all the bubbles, so that I’m assuming your custom chat will work.

Make sure to enable Classic Chat, instead of Bubble Chat

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Well, do I have to only have Class Chat? Since I want Bubble Chat instead.

Well I’m slightly confused now, are you trying to do a custom chat? Or just a typing bubble?

Typing bubble. When I speak my chat bubble covers my typing bubble.

So you want the typing bubble to disappear when the person chats their message?

It does dissappear. When I type something and the chat bubble pops up, If I try to type my typing bubble will pop up too and the chat bubble will cover the typing bubble.

So what you can do is this.

      TypingBubbleOrWhateverVariableYouHaveAssignedToIt.Visible = false

Okay, Thanks, Here is a video on what is happening:

No video shows on your message.

They are saying something like this:

Player: Starts Typing
Typing Bubble: Appears

Player.Chatted fires
Typing Bubble goes away.

Before the previous chat bubble can dissappear, they start typing again.
This causes the typing bubble to appear while a normal chat bubble is also there.

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Not sure but that script does now work. I’m also not sure why my video wont load, I keep getting a fail message.

Yeah, thats what is happening. I don’t know a fix to this, as I’ve tried to make the chat bubble disappear faster but players cant see what others have said quick enough.

I don’t know if this is possible, but maybe there is a way to bump the chat bubble up / change its position? Im not sure where the bubble chat guis are located when they are made, but you can see if you can move them up.

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