[UFL] Universal Football League Informational Thread

:wave: Welcome to Universal Football League

Welcome to the Universal Football League community. We use “UFL” as a short form mention of our name. If you are a new community member, please read the “Newcomers Guide”.

Newcomers Guide

You can choose three paths as a new member:

  1. Become a Player
  • To become a player, all you need to do is contact a Team Leader and ask to join.
  • Team Leaders run their team how they see fit. Universal Football League will only step in if moderator action is required on an entire team or managers fail to reprimand members for infractions consistently.
  1. Become a Referee
  • To become a referee, you will need to reach out to Universal Football League’s Management.
  1. Become a Moderator
  • To become a moderator, you will need to reach out to Universal Football League’s Management.

:clipboard: Regulations

  1. All players on the field must be in a team.
    1.1. Players may not be loaned without approval from their Team Leader(s).
    1.2. Players may be substituted for other players in the same team at half time.
  2. Teams must meet specific criteria.
    2.1. Teams must have at least 5 members, including the Team Leader(s).
    2.2. Team Leaders must actively engage with their team members and schedule matches.
  3. Accounts must meet specific criteria.
    3.1. All accounts must be 13+ and have safechat disabled.
    3.2. All accounts must have been created over 90 days ago to join a team or apply for any position.
  4. All positions must be earned or applied for.
    4.1. Appointment of a position to an individual who did not earn or apply for said position will result in a temporary ban placed on the account of everyone who is involved.
    4.2. Appointment of a position to an individual who does not wish for said position is not permitted.

:clipboard: Guidelines

  1. Play Fair.
    1.2. Follow the referee’s directions.
    1.2. Cheating or exploiting is strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban placed on your account.
    1.3. Do not abuse flaws in the games’ design (“glitch”). This may result in a temporary ban placed on your account.
    1.4. If you have access to administrative commands, abusing them may result in revocation of your administrative privilege and a temporary ban placed on your account.
  2. Be respectful to other players.
    2.2. Do not harass, threaten, stalk or otherwise bother players in a negative way.
    2.3. Slurs are not permitted.
  3. No advertising.
    3.1. Advertising is occasionally not allowed within Universal Football League. Reach out to Universal Football League’s Management if you are unsure whether the product, service or entity you are advertising is allowed to be advertised in Universal Football League.

:star: VIP

You have the ability to purchase VIP status. VIP will come with many benefits. For benefit information, please read the gamepass description.

  • Abuse of VIP privileges may result in a temporary ban placed on your account.
  • Universal Football League management reserves the right to withdraw your VIP privileges at any time, with or without notice and with or without valid reason.
    Universal Football League developers reserve the right to modify VIP privileges at any time.

:no_entry_sign: Ban Appeals

All players are entitled to appealing their bans. If you have been banned from the game, please reach out to Universal Football League’s Management.

  • Although it is rare, if you have been false banned then you may appeal immediately. You should have counter evidence that proves your innocence.
  • As a general guideline, you are entitled to submit an appeal 7 days after the ban has been placed on your account if you are guilty.
  • If you have been banned for cheating or exploiting, that ban will not be lifted unless the ban was placed on your account in error. Do not submit appeals for this type of ban if you are guilty.
  • If you appeal your ban and then get banned again, you will be banned without the opportunity for an appeal unless the first ban was done in error.
  • Ban appeals are provided as a courtesy; we are not obligated to revoke bans that have been placed on your account.

:performing_arts: Roles

:hammer_and_pick: Development

  • Development is responsible for making the game work and making you see the things you see in the game.

:briefcase: Management

  • Management is responsible for the appointment of referees and new moderators. They also oversee referees and moderators’ performance.
  • Management is also responsible for maintaining regulations, procedures and guidelines to ensure that they stay up-to-date with the community’s needs.

:shield: Moderation

  • Moderation is responsible for the day-to-day management of the game and the community server.

:soccer: Referees

  • Referees are responsible for scheduling matches between teams and managing the games that they are a referee in.

:medal_sports: Team Leaders

  • Team Leaders are responsible for managing their individual team by recruiting new members, removing inactive members and scheduling matches with referees and an oppossing team.