UGC Accessories Lost Thumbnails

Reproduction Steps

I am uncertain of exact steps, as there is nothing I can confidently say that made my thumbnails disappear.

· Create and upload a UGC accessory with an adjusted thumbnail
· Put it for sale on the Roblox catalog

Expected Behavior

I expected the thumbnails to stay on the UGC accessories. All of my current UGC accessories uploaded to the catalog have their item thumbnails displayed fine, and it was expected for the eyes to do the same.

Actual Behavior

Two of the three colors of my staring eye accessory disappeared.

unknown (6)

unknown (7)

Issue Area: Catalog Assets
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Rarely
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I filed a ticket to our internal database. Thanks!

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Hi @ablimity
Sorry for the delay at looking this ticket. I’m on a dev team taking a look at these thumbnails - would you happen to have a link to the original item?

adding onto this as i think this has to do with this thing trying to get resolved but some of my stuff are suddenly zoomed out for absolutely no reason at all when the thumbnails used to be zoomed in and actually look good


idk having a thing where we can actually change the thumbnails to fix the zooming problem would be nice

Hello, the items are linked below. They have since been restored as it appeared that archiving and unarchiving the textures refreshed the thumbnails for the accessories, which I have done months ago. They currently have their thumbnails fixed, and I am unsure if this issue is still occurring.