UGC Application Question

In the ugc application, one of the questions says Please submit a copy of your UGC portfolio. Remember, you MUST have an active portfolio on the Talent Hub for this application to be approved. It wants a file, but then below that it also asks for my talent hub link. Do I need to fill out both of these, or?


Yes, you need to fill out the talent hub portfolio link. I recommend including images of the file on the portfolio.

What do I put in the file part?

The hat in question. You need to submit an application hat to apply for the program that demonstrates your skills.

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There are three files upload sections. The hat itself, your process of making the hat, and a third one. Is the third one supposed to be screenshots of the hat? Maybe screenshots of other creations?

Not sure as I have not done the application. I believe the third one is the hat’s texture.

It asks for a “UGC portfolio” though. I’m thinking its asking for pictures of past models and such.

So do I put screenshots of previous work or?

In my case, when I submitted the application, I put an image of the talent hub site (specifically the 3D models section, where my creations are shown.)

Here’s an example of a UGC Portfolio: (all these are a part of my Work History)


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