UGC Bundles NEED a Price Floor

As a UGC Creator that has dived into the UGC Bundle’s market a little bit, it is nearly impossible to compete with other items that are released for an extremely low price or free. i know a lot of regular players outside of development are going to just be like “cope” or “skill issue” but I’d like to talk about this issue in a more developer, self employed perspective.

Take a look at the best selling past week, what do you see?

Mass majority of items on best selling are things 2 robux or free, while i can understand that for things like the Man package, or the roblox created bundles, everything else being free destroys the market significantly.

Everything else on the UGC Catalog has a price floor

Accessories, Layered Clothing, all of that stuff has a price floor of some sort. The point of having a price floor is so people don’t price cut to immense amounts on things. Having people create bundles just to make them free makes it nearly impossible for others to compete with the market since people are going to go for something free rather than buy it.

People keep expecting things to be way cheaper than reasonable

Over the past few years, things have already went from being around 100 or so robux on average to maybe even 30-40 robux on average. Bundles having no price floor and being able to be put onsale on free makes peoples perception of money thrown out of the window basically.

I’ve seen a lot of people even complain that something as low as 30 robux is too expensive despite how much more work bundles are than accessories and layered clothing combined. The fact that due to this having no price floor people are starting to set expectations to have these type of stuff lowballed beyond oblivion makes it not very much worth making bundles.

“that’s a lie! people think of bundles the same as accessories”

Good news for you, I actually have a few examples of comments regarding a couple of bundle’s that I have created, here is a montage of screenshots that prove otherwise


what about the people that don’t have robux?

Bundles can be gotten for free back then in multiple ways such as events, and the UGC limited’s where you have to pay for a certain amount, at this given moment where not everything is a limited yet, is at least a half decent alternative. that doesn’t screw up the market and the people that have to scavenge for free things, can still get free things if they put effort into it instead of it being spoon fed.

What changes would I want to improve the bundle catalog

I do in fact have a few suggestions on this, and how it would help creators

  • Having Body Bundles at least 100 robux as a minimum price 50 for heads

This will even out the amount of work that is required versus the current expectation of prices for things like layered clothing, except a bit more expensive as its a lot of work

  • Having free items still be obtainable from events, or ugc limiteds

People will need to pay up to release things that are free, so it’s not as overpowered in the market

  • Consider raising the % Earned for UGC Bundles

UGC % in general should be higher but at minimum, have it be higher for UGC bundles, theres way more steps of creating a bundle than other types of UGC items


I strongly agree with this, as it could be detrimental to alot of creators/ the marketplace


Massively agree with this! The price floor should be something like 250 at a minimum because of the skills, time, and effort required to make them.


Another thing to consider about avatar bundles being able to be free with no drawbacks: if someone were to steal/recreate/copy another person’s bundle with the current marketplace algorithm, they’d be able to mass-distribute it for free and compete with the original bundle by sheer volume, and then they could just raise the price after. A creator-to-creator complaint or a DMCA takedown request could be filed, but the process takes a while and the person would have already earned Robux from the 5 day pending period. Millions of players would also target the original creator for their copies being taken down.


Honestly I don’t really see why creators put time and effort into making their items and then they just price it for 2 robux. like what do you gain from doing that?


Strong disagree; people will pay for avatar bodies if they look good; see Second Life where people spend the equivalent of 10-20 US dollars to buy high quality avatar bodies, and 10-20 dollars on avatar heads. There are free options; yet everyone buys and uses the more expensive high quality options.

If you want people to spend money on your avatar heads and avatar bodies you should make them higher quality and more desriable.

Free avatar bundles benefit UGC creators and the platform as a whole because it pushes people away from R6 and 2d clothing by making 3D layered clothing and player made hairs desirable. The less people who want to dress like “Old Roblox” and “Bacon Hairs” the better for all creators and roblox.


Hard disagree.

Clothing has a price floor and all that’s done is force everyone to meet that price floor as if you charge even one single robux over it, you’ll immediately get outsold by either robots that stole your content or other creators making similar/identical things for cheaper. Every cent counts.

If people want to make things free then they should be able to. Having that freedom means people will truly get what they pay for, instead of paying basically a fixed price for wildly varying levels of quality (or lack of)


There is no reason for free items to show up in the sort at all. Roblox makes no money on them. It’s the plugin marketplace all over again and at a thousand times larger scale.

I think developers being able to give away items in game is cool, but polluting the marketplace with free stuff is bad for Roblox and creators alike.


There already is a price floor, it’s zero (and it’s forcing everyone to meet that price floor).

Clothing is a little different because models are time consuming to recreate while clothing can be roughly copied quickly with a screenshot and 15 mins (not to mention just direct copied). I also believe the UGC marketplace is a little more secure/moderated also as of the moment (ID verification, good moderation, etc).

IMO bundles should have fair consistent acceptable quality, with increased quality rewarded by more sales instead of through higher profits per sale.


-- 250 is a bit excessive for a minimum imo, but i also do agree that having a price floor would increase the expectation of quality and get rid of the sheer amount of awful packages we’re already getting


Thats exactly why there needs to be an actual price floor for bundles…? If the price floor isn’t there everything is going to be outsold by literally anything free, people will rather spend nothing for something mid than a bit of robux for something of more quality

They aren’t paying if its free :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:


That’s another issue as well yeah, it’d be incredibly easy to kill off another competitor’s item by making their copied version free for a week then putting price up, but cheaper than original and that’s something that a creator shouldn’t have the power to do at all.


I also disagree for the same reason. Developers should have the freedom to sell their work for however much they want to, including for free. If you want to sell it for more, sell it for more, of course you will get beaten by some free bundles, but most are low quality and only a small portion of the community releases good bundles that hard work was put into for free.

I digress, billy.


Models can be copied 1:1 by simply inserting it in a studio instance. If that’s not enough, just use the asset downloader link to grab the obj/fbx of the mesh so you can reupload every single element. Takes barely a minute max to get everything.

As for the UGC marketplace being a little more moderated, there are dozens of threads on the devforum speaking up about how there’s clearly zero control over originality due to the many 1:1 replicas of existing hats (ie the fake valks) not to mention the many people offsite bringing up the assorted clothing assets of very questionable taste (rather lewd maid outfits being a good example) or occasional rule breaking accessories being made (like that one time that dude made an outright cup of lean despite drug references being a big no no at the time - this was back when UGC was outright an invite only situation too mind you)

I’d love if things on Roblox had fair consistent acceptable quality, but I’d also love if Roblox hired a moderation team that takes action on things like blatant nazis and outright (cropped) gore porn - oh yeah and also condo games (just because it doesn’t have nudity doesn’t mean it isn’t made for inappropriate purposes - notice how it’s also all ages)
There’s only so much we can ask for from a company that makes an obscene amount of money, they clearly can’t afford more than one thing at a time.


Be aware that Roblox didn’t implement a price floor for bodies because they believe that having all bundles as paid is harmful to player expression, a player should not be limited to an insanely limited selection of bundles because they don’t have a Robux balance, this is Roblox’s view and not my own, so Roblox would need to find another way to satisfy this goal if they implemented a price-floor. In my opinion this is simply just unfeasible, any alternative may end up being more disruptive to the market. I can’t think of a single solution to this which doesn’t disturb sale counts more that currently.


I’ve been quite concerned about this as well. While I would like to see bundles be used across all players, it seems that having no price floor has just brought the market profitability to nearly zero. This both seems unfair to creators and out of line with other existing UGC requirements. I would much rather see a very large balance created between free and paid UGC bundles, however, I wouldn’t necessarily want them fully removed. They definitely have a way to create awareness of newer features or items, Billy is a great example of that. I don’t want the marketplace page to be full of them though and only contain 1-3 paid items, that’s just hurting the market. It should be the other way around.

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I support this, not even because I really care that things are free or not, but just because I absolutely hate that privileged behavior in the screenshots provided.

Make a price floor and make it high as it needs to be to make people stop dissing creators for daring to make a 60 robux item.

Players going to complain that not every single thing in the entire game is free, when given the abundance of thousands of options to choose from? Sorry. You’ve ruined it for everybody, so price floor it is. Ungrateful creatures.


This feels more of a you problem, really.

People heavily promote these bundles on social media along with other kinds of promotions, there is even the well known WhoseTrade and Hiloh’s accessories that were promoted.

You’re just late to the party.
I do not think making things not free will work anyway since many users do not hold that amount of Robux and to top if off, best selling free items cause duh, they’re free and you don’t need to pay for it.

People are free to make free content for others, also some content on this platform that are incredibly stupid do not deserve a price above 250 anyway, such as ripped off limiteds or either copyrighted content and worse, basically the actual accesorry of a specific character from a different game.

Creating UGCs to specifically only be obtainable through ingame events will also cause major issues towards users who wish to spread their free accessories more than put it as some sort of effort work to do in order to get it, joining the game included.

Do not raise the god damn % of tax ya greedy people, we already heard a lot, we all want tax raise, people will only complain if roblox specifically targets UGC to have more profit to yourself more than to Roblox.

Regarding the screenshots of random anonymous users making their beg comment, ignore them, those are dumb children begging for free stuff. This is just the same situation to Roblox Accessories and the huge /e free whole situation that still keeps going.


It appears that Roblox is implementing a price floor for bundles and heads.


People keep expecting things to be way cheaper than reasonable

I disagree. Look at literally any game made after 2021. You choose. The prices are unreasonable. Games are charging for things that shouldn’t be charged for. Many simulators sell “Open Three Eggs” or something of the like for 400 R$ - five dollars in the legacy pricing system.