UGC Catalog Documentation (September Application)

Submission 1 - NASA Pin - Front

This accessory was inspired by @penguim2’s NASA merch collection. I would seek permission from NASA before publishing this or other items containing NASA IP.

  1. Upload a reference image of the NASA logo

  2. Create an icosphere and scale it to the size of the circle.

  3. Scale the icosphere to be shaped like a souvenir pin (flatten it and invert one side)

  4. Create and rotate a cube for each of the spikes. Elongate, extrude, and make it less wide to match the shape of each spike.

  5. Combine all of the parts into a signal object for texturing.

  6. Set the UV map using 'Project from view." This creates a flat UV map that the NASA logo can be easily uploaded to.

  7. Scale the NASA logo to fit the UV map.

  8. Final view in Blender

  9. Export to Roblox and format as an accessory.

Submission 2 - Gold-Plated Monocles - Face

This is a very rough guide on how I made my other UGC Catalog submission and is not substantive enough to be put in #resources:community-tutorials.

  1. Create two toruses, make them slightly thinner than the default, and adjust the major and minor units to make the torus lower poly.

  1. Duplicate and orient with an example head. Turn on Auto-Smoothing as well to round.

  1. Use a bezier curve to complete the band; fill in using BevelObject.

  1. Create a new cylinder that are very low poly.

  1. Resize and orient in the rims.

  1. Generate UV map.

  1. Export UV to GIMP and color it there.

  1. Put the texture and mesh into Roblox