UGC Catalog is Now Live!

Hi, I’d just like to steer the conversation towards the UGC rules for a second.
There is regularly drama surrounding UGC which is understandable as it is a game-changer for the roblox economy and development environment. Recently on twitter a user known as Huiyunwenhua was exposed for publishing an item without consent for commercial use by the creator. This isn’t unheard of as it’s happened before and it’s not what I’m interested in and i’d like to thank the Huiyunwenhua team for kicking him out. What I’m interested in is Huiyunwenhua’s reply where he/she states that it was the fault of one of the team members. I was under the impression that User Generated Content was meant to be one user per account although i may be mistaken as this may have just been a language barrier misunderstanding. Now i understand sometimes people can collaborate on items which is fine however setting up teams/companies seems misleading of the UGC concept. If this is the case, i have friends already in the UGC program, will i be penalised if i publish all of my UGC concepts through their accounts?

For this reason I was hoping the roblox staff that oversee the UGC feature could provide a public document on the devforum which outlines the rules of publishing UGC items in order to provide transparency to the community.
Further advantages of this would include:

  • Giving the entire community the ability to more accurately hold UGC/star creators to account when they breach the rules.
  • Provide guidelines for aspiring UGC creators to be able to create concepts that are less likely to be denied once we are given the opportunity.
  • Provide an update to the FAQ found at the top of this thread which needs updating.
  • Hopefully reduce the tension found in this thread.

I hope the roblox staff see this, and to clarify i mean no ill intention towards Huiyunwenhua as their work up until this point has been impressive, they just happen to be the first “team” we’ve encountered and if they see this congratulations on winning the UGC contest in the chinese devforum.


Guess the cracks are finally starting to show through the flawed system huh


If I’m not aware many YouTubers and other people who would like a mini version of their avatar often collaborate on items with UGC members and split the revenue.


I find it a bit strange that people in the program are now going onto twitter in an attempt to convince the people that there are no “connections” involved with the program.

Despite it being proven already that developers were breaking NDA agreements to inform their friends.
This is a big think right here.



UGC Copy

Someone care to explain who approves these ugc items? this is literally holiday crown, turned upside down with a white texture.
I thought stolen meshes were not allowed?


I’m not sure what’s going on with the selection process right now for the program, but it’s made me pretty immensely upset. How is it that people who spend countless hours publishing HUNDREDS of concept work are STILL not getting recognised for their talents and hard work?

I was really excited at the start, but now I don’t know what to say. Please add an application process already, release information, actually let us know that the program is going somewhere. We are several months past and we still know next to nothing.

Creators are making hundreds of thousands of life-changing dollars from this program and hold a monopoly over a ton of designs (although there’s always other designs that can be pursued). There are so many great creators out there waiting to get recognised, but aren’t. Why?


As proven already in this thread, great creators aren’t getting recognised due to how the nomination system works. The nomination system and all the info about it was supposed to remain a secret due to a NDA agreement, but developers have chosen to inform their friends and close followers and break this agreement.

People in the program have straight up been picking their friends and ignoring the rest of us.


This is a blatant copy. There’s a difference between a basic reskin and someone remodeling. This was stolen from the catalog, re-skinned by simply running it through a black and white filter or something, and then slapped right back onto the catalog. Not okay.


I agree it seems roblox is against smaller devs also they seem to be against non video star creators and children.


I would like the UGC catalog to have a slight rework.
As the catalog grows with more hats, some of the UGC items/accessories are retextures in different colors for instance. It takes up a lot of space in the catalog, and it would be best to minimize it with some type of color scheme when you try to purchase that specific UGC item.

How it would work
When a person is looking for something to purchase, the person goes to the UGC original item. The person would then see a color scheme, or just different colors of retextures when that hat is selected. They would click on that color, and then purchase it.
This would help the catalog, and would help more users find more unique items and such.


This would be a perfect solution to all of the retexturing problems.


That is a very good idea, but how would it work if a player wanted to buy multiple different textures of that item?


They could just buy the item again in a different color by selecting a different color option. It would just grey out the buy button for any color that is already owned by the buyer.


Oh I thought of it differently because it’s kind of difficult for me to picture it in when trying to equip items for avatars.


Not sure why this isint getting any attention.
UGC Is going too far this time.
Does “Moderation” staff of UGC items even know their own catalog?
This is clearly the holiday crown mesh, stolen, messed about with slightly and re-textured.


I do agree that moderation needs to do a better job. It’s not easy to keep track of, and the community helping to expose the thieves is really the best way to solve this moderation issue in my opinion. A few people on a moderation team isn’t gonna be enough, especially when the UGC is released to the public so anyone can apply.


Clearly the people they have hired must be new to roblox and dont know much about whats out there and already available.


I don’t think that’s the case. I just think there are way too many items being added and not enough people to keep track of it all. Roblox can only do so much with the staff on hand.


I decided to take it a step further. I wanted to know how much a UGC dev was making in total from their content. For this example I used maplestick who is the guy who made the shadowed head. I added up the revenue he earned from all of his UGC. He made a grand total of R$321,376,458, which is $1,124,817.60. I don’t know how much of his robux he devex’s, but if he cashed in ALL of the robux he made from UGC, he’d have over 1.1 MILLION dollars. He does have some original, well made creations, but a lot of his stuff is retextures and incredibly simple. Like his bubblegum ones. They are spheres. That’s it. A colored sphere.


This is another example of UGC creators copying limiteds:
image “Classicx89’s Stylin’ Intern Shades”
image “Stylish Tinted Shades”
The only difference is the colour and the UGC copy being slightly smoother. It’s obvious that the creator was well aware of it being almost exactly the same as the original, I don’t understand how stuff like this is allowed.