UGC concept [1] “Watermelon Witch Hat”

This is my first UGC concept I’m posting! My goal is to get into the UGC program and make hats for everyone to enjoy! This one is called Watermelon Witch Hat! It’s a basic name and consept but you go to start somewhere! Let me know how I did!

I know I didn’t use blender for the renders but I will next time as I was in a rush! :sad:


It is alright :+1: But yes, it would look better if it was rendered.

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UGC watermelon witch hat is good for your first creation.
Do not give up and keep working on your UGC! :happy3:

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The inside looks like a slushie I would get from 7/11

Looks supper cool!

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Looks alright. But yes, it would we way better if it was rendered.

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omg it does! :000 thanks for the feedback I like this design even more now lol