UGC CONCEPT #30 Punk Juno Shades

Ello! for the 30th UGC concept, I decided to make some Juno Shades as my next concept. It ended up having 704 Verts and 1,258 Tris by the time I finished modeling them.
I will have some pictures of the shades below this video showcase to show some details of the shades and what the UV map looks like that you may not be able to see from the video.

Front View of the shades, There is little gems on the corners of the shades, and there is noticeable shading/gradients on the shades.

Side and Back angles of the shades, I added a little flame detail on the edges of the glasses, somehow was able to pull it off despite UGC items having to have textures the size of 256x256
That is actually extremely small to work with.
image image
This is the UV map of the shades; I used thin planes as a glare on the shades, which is how it looks clean + sleek despite the texture size.

On a scale from one to ten, how decent are the shades in your opinon?
If you rated them low, what do you think should be improved on

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To be honest, they look a bit strange, maybe it’s that they are low on your character? Also I the shape is a bit overexpressed which causes the shades to get far away from the head which doesn’t look really nice. Otherwise, I like your creativity

Yea I purposely made them go below the eyes by tilting them downwards which would explain why they seem to be placed a bit lower.

As for me looks pretty cool) I would like to see such shades on catalog!:slight_smile: