UGC Concept [5] Colored Aviator Hats

It’s been a long while since I’ve made anything but I’m back! I’ll try to post a lest one concept each week! I made this cause I noticed that you can find aviator hats on the catalog but none in fun colors! ( or without goggles ) so that’s what I made! I made them in several colors and it would be perfect for cosplay!

Hope you guys like it and give me feedback on it! I have a whole bunch of ideas thanks to you guys on the forum! Thank you guys for your support and ideas!


I like it, very clean and simple style


This is very detailed and creative! I absolutely love the different colors in the aviator hats, keep up the good work!

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I really really like how these hats look! I might actually consider getting one myself since they look so good! I recommend having other simple color options though, like grey, black, or just plain white since some people who want them might not have colors that match as well and simple black and white color options can be much more versatile! Overall though I think they look really good with the current colors you have provided, I hope to see more nice ugc concepts like this in the future.

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These look really good. you should make the sides a tad thicker, and maybe add flaps where the ears would be, like this.