UGC concept #5 (Crystal hat)

Would appreciate likes :3


This is not looking very good.

  • The crystals just look like they were sprinkled on top of the hat, with no actual context or nice integrations. They’re just… there. If this “smash them crystals on top of the hat in a straight line” look is actually what you are going for, than at least make the actual hat part, have a nearly identical color, to the colors of the crystal.
  • Or even better yet, texture the hat! I don’t know if you want realistic rock textures on your hat, but at the very least, give it some crystallic vibes.
  • You haven’t posted the trianglecount, but just in case you haven’t taken it into consideration, keep it low. <10k

Pretty nice. But I would ask if you could make the crytal in different spot. Like don’t do in in straight. [Just a suggestion]

I don’t like how the hat has bright colors all over. The crystals are also just filler to make a mediocre hat. It’s plain and doesn’t have much to it. Overall, 4/10

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