UGC Concept - Blossom Hair Clips

Hey all! I’ve just finished a recent UGC concept and I’d love some feedback, I don’t normally post my concepts on here but there is a first for everything! Let me know what you think.

Edit: Added a static picture of all colors, there are clips on the back!

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awesome render, i like the animations.
i can feel if someone with a thick hair wearing this

Thanks for the feedback! I haven’t exactly thought of hair positions yet, just put it on a hair that I thought would look good in the render, lol

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Awesome! All the aesthetic girls will love this!


Very balanced and excellent use of detail! You should be in the UGC Program, in my opinion.

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This looks amazing! Keep up the great work!

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Amazing!! I love how dainty the flowers are. :smile:

It looks beautiful, amazing work! :fire:

Looks amazing, would definitely buy in support!